625 Choice Recipes from the
Ladies of the Second Congregational Church of Holyoke

New York Times Seafood Cookbook



Three pounds of haddock or cod boiled in salted water, then flaked, removing all skin and bones; boil 1 ½ pints of milk, butter the size of an egg, two tablespoonsful of flour, yolks of two eggs, a little nutmeg, pepper and salt, half a small onion chopped fine; boil these ingredients till quite thick. Butter a dish, fill with the fish and dressing in alternate layers, cover with sifted bread crumbs and bake half an hour. — Mrs. J. G. Mackintosh.


Take two pounds of haddock or halibut, boil it; well salted; take out all bones and skin carefully; flake it; boil a pint of rich milk or cream and stir in thoroughly two and one half tablespoonsful flour; add a bunch of parsley and one onion cut fine. When this boils, take out the onion and parsley and add one-fourth pound of butter, rather more than less; a shake of cayenne. Butter a pudding dish; put in a layer of this sauce, then of fish; sauce last; then a layer of bread crumbs. Bake half an hour. — F. B. Ranlet.


Prepare thin slices of buttered toast, on those spread the salmon after heating and seasoning with salt and pepper; place a pint of milk over the fire, when hot thicken it with flour and butter stirred together and cooked. Pour this over the salmon and serve. — Mrs. C. P. Lyman.


Have your salmon cut, not over one-half inch thick, then broil the same as steak. Add butter and salt. — Mrs. Joel Russell.


Grease your tin with lard; dress your fish nicely; put in a hot oven and bake till brown; then pour on one cup cream thickened with one teaspoonful of flour, and two great-spoonfuls of butter; set it in the oven five or ten minutes. — Mrs. A. A. Wait.

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