625 Choice Recipes from the
Ladies of the Second Congregational Church of Holyoke

Pfaltzgraff Pistoulet 6-Ounce Ramekins Set of 4



Artichokes, July to October; Asparagus, May to July; String Beans, May to September; Case-Knife Beans, July to October; Radishes, March to September; Cranberry or Pole Beans, July to October; Butter Beans, June to September; Lima Beans, September to October; Green Peas, June to October; Pie Plant, early spring; Tomatoes, July to September; Melons, August to September; Squash, July to September; Windsor Bean, June to September; French Beans, June and onwards; Scarlet Beans, July to October; Cauliflower, October and all winter; Cabbage, May and all summer; Savory, September to January; Red Cabbage, July to September; Cabbage Plants, all the year; Carrots, May to winter; celery, June to March; Cucumbers, June to September; Endive, June and all winter; Leeks, September and all winter; Lettuce, April and all summer; Green Corn, July to September; Onions, June to November.


Cover the bottom of the baking-dish with bread-crumbs; add a layer of sliced potatoes, bits of butter, pepper and salt; fill the dish with alternate layers; wet the whole with milk and bake one and one-half hours. — Mrs. Cleveland.

Pare and slice and let them lie in cold water about an hour; butter a deep dish and put in a layer of potatoes; sprinkle with salt, pepper and good bits of butter; then another layer of potatoes seasoned, and so on until the dish is filled; a little chopped onion improves it very much; cover the whole with milk and bake two hours. — Mrs. Farr.


Cut nice potatoes into very thin slices; put them into cold water, with a small bit of alum added, to make them crisp; let them stand over night; rinse in cold water and dry them with a crash towel; fry them a light brown in boiling fat, sprinkle a little salt on them and serve. — Mrs. C. P. Lyman.

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