625 Choice Recipes from the
Ladies of the Second Congregational Church of Holyoke

Portmeirion Botanic Garden Salad Plates, Set of 6


Two cups of flour; one cup of corn meal; one and a half cups of sweet milk; one-third of a cup of butter; one-half cup of sugar; three eggs; one teaspoonful of soda; two teaspoonsful of cream tartar. — Mrs. H. W. Cooley.


One pint of milk; one cup of sugar; one cup of butter; one-half cup warm water; one egg and a pinch of soda; one-half cent's worth of yeast. — Mrs. J. R. Worthington.

One cup of milk; one-half cent's worth of yeast; one tablespoonful of sugar; when raised add two eggs; one cup of sugar; one-half cup of butter; currants and, cinnamon. — Mrs. Geo. H. Perry.


Four pounds bread dough; mix one-half pound of lard in the dough; take off a piece for the cover; then mix in three pounds of raisins, two pounds of currants and spice to taste; you may add a little orange peel cut small; the cover must be paced about the bun so that no fruit will appear on the outside. The fruit must be thoroughly mixed with the dough. — Jennie Watson.


One pint of warm milk; two eggs; salt; butter size of an egg; one tablespoonful of sugar; flour enough to knead; rise; then make out and let rise again. — Mrs. F. B. Ranlet.


One egg; one cup of milk; two cups of flour; one tablespoonful of sugar; two teaspoonsful of baking powder; pinch of salt; bake in gem pans. — Mrs. J. H. Frazer, Mrs. Hodge.

One cup of milk; one tablespoonful of sugar; one egg; two tea-spoons cream tartar; one pint of flour; one-half teaspoon of soda; a little salt. — Mrs. A. W. Esleeck.


Melt a tablespoonful of butter in one pint of milk; a little salt; two eggs; half a gill of yeast; flour to make a thick batter. — Rosa M. Papillion.


One and a half pints of Graham flour; one-half pint of wheat flour; a pint cup three-quarters full of sour milk; add sour cream until full; one teaspoonful of soda; a little molasses, and a little salt; bake in gem irons; have them hot before turning in the mixture. — Mrs. Pearsons.

One quart Graham flour; one pint milk; half pint of water; two tablespoonsful yeast; two tablespoonsful melted butter; two eggs; half teaspoonful of salt one tablespoonful of sugar; mix thoroughly; when light pour in hot muffin iron; bake quickly. — Mrs. E. J. Pomeroy.

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