625 Choice Recipes from the
Ladies of the Second Congregational Church of Holyoke

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One small pint of finely chopped and shredded codfish; one heaping quart or pared potatoes; boil twenty minutes; turn off the water and mash the potatoes with the fish; add a piece of butter size of an egg, and one egg; put in a pudding dish, set in the oven and brown lightly. — Mrs. Ward.


Take of roasted turkey, chopped fine, as much as you care to put in a sauce-pan; pour in cream enough to permeate all in the pan, and a little butter and season to taste; when thoroughly cooked or heated through, pour it on warm toast that has been buttered, if preferred; then put on the toast a fresh poached egg, one for each person; serve piping hot. — Mrs. Wm. S. Loomis.


Chop fine, pieces of cold boiled or fried ham; toast and butter slices of bread; spread the ham oil the bread, and place in the oven about three minutes; beat six eggs, with one half a cup of milk, a little pepper and a teaspoonful of salt; put this mixture in a sauce-pan with two tablespoonsful of butter, and stir over the fire until it begins to thicken; take off and beat for a minute, then spread, on the ham and toast. — F. B. Runlet.


One solid pint of finely chopped, cooked chicken; one tablespoonful of salt; half a teaspoonful of pepper; one cupful of cream, rich milk or chicken stock; one tablespoonful of flour; four eggs; one teaspoonful of onion juice; one tablespoonful of lemon juice; one pint of bread crumbs; three tablespoonsful of butter; put the cream or stock on to boil; mix the flour and butter together, and stir into the boiling cream; then add the chicken, and seasoning; boil two minutes; add two of the eggs well beaten; take off the fire, and set away to cool; when cold, shape and fry the following manner; take about a table-spoonful of the mixture, and roll in both hands in the shape of' a cylinder; roll in crumbs, then in salted, beaten egg; place a few at a time in a frying basket, and plunge in boiling fat; cook about two minutes, or until a rich brown; veal, mutton, lamb, beef, turkey, fish and lobsters can be prepared in the same manner. — F. B. Ranlet.


Six eggs — whites and yolks beaten separately; one pint of milk; one-half teacup of flour; salt to taste; add whites of eggs last and mix only partially. -- Agnes Allyn.

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