"The City of Holyoke
It's Water Power and Its Industries
Holyoke, Massachusetts, U.S.A., 1876"

This is a reproduction of a folio sized newsprint publication from 1876, created a marketing effort. There is no author cited, the only publishing information is as follows:

"Printing And Electrotyping By Clark W. Bryan & Co., Springfield
Engraving By Johnson & Dyer, Boston.
Paper Made By Albion Paper Company, Holyoke"


      Holyoke Incorporated as a Town, March 14, 1850
            and as a City, April 7, 1873.
      Dam of Holyoke Water Power Company.
      Cost of Water-Power in Holyoke.
      Railroad Facilities.
      The Extent and Variety of Manufacturers.
      The Public Water-Works.
      Churches and Schools.
      Present and Future.


      Dam of Holyoke Water Power Company
      Office of Holyoke Water Power Company.
      Holyoke Water Power Company.
      Holyoke Machine Company.
      Holyoke Water Power Company.
      Holyoke Water Power Company.
      Parsons Paper Company.
      Union Paper Company.
      First Level Canal.
      Second Level Canal.
      Valley Paper Company.
      D.H. & J.C. Newton
      Whiting Paper Company. No. 2.
      G. H. Deane & Company.
      Whiting Paper Company. No. 1.
      Massasoit Paper Company.
      George W. Prentiss & Company.
      Albion Paper Company.
      Beebe & Holbrook.
      Hadley Company.
      Riverside Paper Company.
      Massachusetts Screw Company.
      Crocker Manufacturing Company.
      Merrick Thread Company.
      Lyman Mills.
      Hampshire Paper Company.
      Holyoke Paper Company.
      Franklin Paper Company.
      William Skinner
      Carew Manufacturing Company.
      Hadley Falls Paper Company.
      Glasgow Company.
      Hampden Mills.
      Farr Alpaca Company.
      Springfield Blanket Company.
      A. Willard.
      F.R. Chapman & Company.
      Holyoke Warp Company.
      A. T. Stewart & Company.
      Mosher, Wait & Company.
      E. Chase & Son.
      Holyoke Water Power Company.
      Holyoke Water Power Company.
      Pattee & Perkins.
      Holyoke Steam Boiler Works.
      J. Merrick & Company.
      Newton Paper Company.
      Robertson & Black.
      Samuel Snell & Company.
      Webber & Beebe.
      Germania Mills.
      Conner Brothers.
      Warner File Company & Q.S. Backus
      Depot Square
      Connecticut River Pulp Company.
      City Hall.
      Parsons' Block.
      Residence of J.C. Parsons.
      Residence of William Whiting.
      Residence of Edward C. Taft.
      Residence of James H. Newton.
      Residence of George W. Prentiss.
      Residence of Hampden Mills Agent.

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