John J. Lynch Junior High School
Class of 1954

Student Council

Student Council

First Row:
Susan Hertz, Joyanna Paul, Beverly Claus, Judy Lamothe, Rosemary Bosbach, Marcia Davis, Richard Strawbridge, David Long, Carol Levesque, Nancy Scanlon, Helen Beaudin.

Second Row:
Judith Kane, Marie Camilleri, Gail Bluemer, Kathy Burns, Leo Hoar, William Thwing, Daniel Shepro, Carol Dupuis, Nancy Cramer, Sally Stathis.

Third Row:
Leo Mazzolini, Ronald Pueschel, David Anderson, Edward Glesman, Gill Woods, James Werbislis, Franklin O'Connell, Charles DellaPenna, Thomas Lesieru, Eugene Martin, Fred Marion.

Student Government is an accepted rule at the John J. Lynch School. It is the aim of the Council to create a sense of responsibility and co-operation among the pupils by providing for more active and more reliable student participation in school affairs.

Among the activities of the Council was the appointment of proctors for the cafeteria, the courtyard and the safety lines. The magazine drive sponsored by the organization was once again a tremendous success. Miss Moriarty is the faculty advisor.

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