John J. Lynch Junior High School
Class of 1954

Radio Broadcast

Radio Broadcast

Chairman: Kathleen Kennedy
George Washington: Stephen Donachie
John Farnham: Karol Zielinski
Nathan Greene: Carroll Stewart
Marquis de la Lafayette: Ronald Trudeau
Morgan: Joel Young
The Sergeant: Elliot Soltz
Miller: Lewis Gilman
Deserter: Gerald Wilson
Billy: Edward Maher
Watkins: Paul Kennedy

Announcers: Eileen Murphy, Ann Kennedy, Jean McGinty, Frances Zebrowski, Carol Epstein

Alternates: David Hall and Nancy Cramer

On February 27, 1954, the boys and girls of Jr. III - O'L accompanied by Mr. Leary and Miss O'Leary wended their way via chartered bus to station WHYN in South Hadley. The purpose of their visit was to represent the John J. Lynch School in the annual radio program of the Holyoke Public Schools, "Our Schools in Action."

The title of their dramatization was "George Washington Was My General." And we can truly say they well represented our school and the Holyoke Public School System.

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