Precious Blood Church Fire, 1875
Published Deaths
Reported in Newspapers


Black text = Reported as Dead
Red Text = Reported as Died as a Result of Injuries (D)
Blue Text = Reported as Injured, Expected to Die (ExD)
Green Text = Reported as Injured, Expected to Recover (I)

Who were the ACTUAL dead & Injured?

Note: This alphabetical table is intended to show the discrepancies in the reports of the injured and dead as a result of the Precious Blood fire. Many errors exist in the spelling of names, especially due to the French language. For example, Auger, Antoine, 75 is likely the same person listed elsewhere on this list as Osger, Antoine, 72; Ozier, Antoine, 72; and Ozier, Antoine, 75. There are also discrepancies in reported age and medical prognosis. At best it is difficult -- at least by this means -- to determine an accurate list of the dead and injured.

Where there was some obvious similarities in names, they were listed on the same row, with the assumption it was the same person, though this is not a definitive guarantee. All the names, as reported in the news, are listed in this table in an effort to assist individuals who might be conducting genealogical research.

While this extensive list is here to assist, responsibility for further research and verification is left to individual researchers.

Published accounts have been kept to a minimum of newspapers as the Associated Press did exist in 1875 and The Republican of Springfield, as an AP member, was responsible for wiring the information which was used by larger publications like The New York Times.

Holyoke City Clerk
May 27 - June 18, 1875 Death Records
Corbiel Article
(Transcript Reported Names)
Springfield MA
May 29, 1875
May 29, 1875
NY Times
May 30, 1875
  Adams, Miss (I)      
  Agla, Robert, 14 (I)      
    Ariel, Mrs. (I)    
Armond, Olive, 55        
      Bajouri, Hermida Baguin, Hermille, 20 wife of H. Baguin, Potvin-Block
        Barchemon, Dometille
    Baudreau, Charles, daughter of, 16 (ExD)    
    Beauchemin, Mrs. Dometilde, 45    
        Beaudreau, Mrs. Leaves five children
  Bedard, Delima     Bodard, Delina
  Benoit, J. B., 34 (I) Benoit, John Baptiste, 23 (I)    
        Bresson, Justin
    Bessette, Malvina, Miss, 25 (I)    
Blair, Ellen, 20 Blais, Ellen, 20 Blair, Ellen A., 20 Blair, Ellen, 20 Blair, Ellen A., 20 dau Louis Blair, painter
      Blair, Helene, 20 dau of Louis Blair  
Blanchard, Marceline (Longevine), 22        
Blanchard, Marceline (Boivin?), 22 Blanchard, Marceline (D)      
  Blanchard, Theophile (D)      
      Boardman, Matilda, 45  
    Bodard, Salina    
      Blocke, Chisne of Park St.  
  Boisvert, Marie, 15 Boisvert, Mary, 15    
  Boivin, Louis (I)      
    Boivin, Louis, daughter of (ExD)    
    Boudreau, Mrs. Charles, 44 (ExD)    
  Boudreau, Frank (I)      
Boudreau, Sophie (Herbert), 37 Boudreau, Sophia, Mrs., 37      
  Boudrerau, Joseph (I)      
  Brault, Charles (I)      
    x Bresnau, Justine  
      Bressane, Justine  
  Brieu, Louise (I)      
      Briggs, Phebe, 14 of Cabot Street  
      Briggs, Mrs. Joseph (IB) Briggs, Mrs. Leaves seven children
Brissant, Justin, 19        
  Brisson, Augustine, 17      
    Brisson, Josephine, 17 Buried in Canada    
    Brisson, Victoria, 20 (I)    
    Brown, Louisa, 20 (ExD)    
    Chaquette, William Prudon, 38 (ExD) elsewhere listed as William PARDON Memeir block    
Chatelle, Joseph, 20 Chatelle, Joseph, 20 Chatelle, Joseph, 20 Chatelle, Joseph Chatelle, Joseph, 20 Teamster for E. Chase & Sons
  Chocoine, Sophie, 62 (I)      
  Choquette, Prudent (I)      
  Clement, Louis (I)      
    Clement, Louis, Mrs. 45, (I)    
    Clotier, Marie    
  Cloutier, Alvina (I)      
    Clukey, Delia, 20 (ExD) "In the Hillman bakery"    
Coache, Delia, 16 Coache, Delia, 16 Coash, Delia, 16 Coacke, Delia, 16 Coasbe, Delia, 16 Potvin Block, Union St.
Coty, Delina (Lacosta) [sic], 21 Cote, Delina, Mrs., 22 Cote, Delina, Mrs., 22 Cote, Delina, Mrs., 22 wife of Victor Cote Cote, Delina wife Victor Cote, Union St.
    Daigneau, Diorie, 11    
Daigneau, Matilda, 13 Daigneau, Matilde, 18 Daigneau, Matilde, 15 Daigueur, Matilda, 15 Daigneau, Matilde, 15
        Daigneau, Joseph, 36
Daigneau, Mrs. Jos., 36 Daigneau, Mrs. Joseph, 36 Daigneau, Mrs. Joseph, 36 elsewhere mentions she is a widow husband killed year before in brick year leaves four orphaned children Daigueur, Mrs. Joseph  
Daignault, Peter, 11 Daigneau, Pierre, 10 Daigneau, John Baptiste, son of, 10   Daigneau, Pierre Potvin's Block
      Daignour, Mrs. Arcule missing/unrecognized  
      Daignour dau 16 of Mrs. Arcule missing/unrecognized  
  Daviau, Rosalie, 21      
  Deri, Amy, 14 (I) Dery, Frank, daughter of, 14 (ExD)    
  Deri, Honora, 17 (I)      
  Deri, Napoleon, 14 (I)      
Dané, Victoria (or Daré) hard to read, 11 Deri, Victoria, 11 Dery, Victoria, 11 Doria, Victoria, 11 Davie, Victoria, 11 lived at :Bush"
    Dery, Frank, daughter of, 19 (ExD)    
    Dery, Frank, son of, 16 (ExD)    
Desgarden, Delia, 23 Desjardin, Delia, 18      
Desgarden, Domatilde, 44 (perhaps Mrs. Louis)        
    Desjardin, Ezilde, 18   Desjardin, Azilda, 18
    Desjardin, Lillian, 22   Desjardin, a daughter of Louis (1)
Desgarden, Louis, 59 Desjardin, Louis, 54 Desjardin, Louis, 55   Desjardin, Louis, 54
  Desjardin, Mrs. Louis, 40 Desjardin, Mrs. Louis, 50 Desjardin, Mrs. Louis, 54 Desjardin, Louis, Mrs.
    Desjardin, Mary, 18   Desjardin, a daughter of Louis (2)
Desgarden, Alphonsine, 16 Desjardine, Alphonsine, 22      
Desgarden, Rosella, 21        
Devine, Roslie, 21        
Dion, Christine, 37 Dion, Christine Dion, Christine, 24 (ExD)   Dion, Christine
  Dion, Demie (I)      
    Dion, Firmi (I)    
    Dion, Sophie, 16 (I)    
    Doucette, 18 (I)    
    Doucette, brother to Miss, 15 (I)    
    Dufresne, Calixte, 54 (I) elsewhere states recovery unlikely Brother of Fr. Andre Dufresne    
Doucette, Selina, 15 Doucette, Celina, 20 Doucette, Celina, 15 Ducette, Salina  
  Dufresne, Cyrille, 51 (I)      
  Dufresne, Josephine, 14 (I)      
Dufresne, Marceline, 17 Dufresne, Mercelline Dufresne, Marciline Dufresne, Merautine Dufresne, Mercetine
Dufresne, Selina, 52        
    Dupont, Mrs. Josephine, 44    
Dupont, Marceline (Longlais), 44 Dupont, Marceline, Mrs. 44 Dupont, Mrs. Marsaline (ExD) leaves six children    
    Dupont, Phebe, 15   Dupont, Phebe, 15 dau Joseph Dupont
Dupont, Philomene, 15        
  Dupont, Pierre, 15      
  Emond, Olive, 55 Ammor, Mrs. Olive A., 55 Emar, Mrs. Olive, 55 Emond, Olive, 55
Falrauth, Phemie or Falrault, 22        
  Favreaux, Charles (I)      
      Ferrier, Jacob, 55  
    Fevreau, Mr. 22 (I)    
    Ford, Mrs. Abram, 44    
Forger, Cora, 11 Forgue, Cora, 11 Ford, Cora, 11 Ford, Clara, 11 dau. of A. Ford Ford, Cora, 11
Forger, Zoe, 48 Forgue, Zoe, 48   Ford, Mrs. Alvan of Park St. Ford, Zoe, 48 wife of Abram Ford, Park St leaves nine children
  Fortier, Alex, 22 (I)      
Fortier, Alphonse, 11        
Fortier, Benjamin, 20 Fortier, Benjamin, 20 Fortier, Benjamin, 22 Buried in Canada Foutier, Benjamin Fortier, Benjamin, 20 resided at No. 20 Lyman St.
    Fortier, Eliza, 12 Buried in Canada    
  Fortier, Euphonzine, 11   Foutier, Alphonsine Fortier, Elfonzie, 11 No. 20 Middle street
Fremont, Amelia, 17 Fremont, Angelique   Fremont, Angeline, 17 Froment, Angelique
Gerard, Julia, 16 Girard, Julie, 16 Girard, Julia, 16 Girard, Juba, 15 Girard, Julie, 16 Doucette Block
Girard, Mary, 41 Girard, Mary, 41 (D) Girard, Mrs. Peter, 40 (ExD)    
  Goyette, Louise, 51 Goyette, Louise, 50    
  Grandchamp, Mary, 22      
    Grandchamp, Miss, 20 (I)    
Grandchamp, Philamie, 21 Grandchamp, Phil, 21 (D)      
Greenwood, Mary, 14       Greenwood, Mary, 15 No. 12, Lyman's Block
    Groment, Angelique    
    Groux, daughter of Mrs.    
    Groux, Mrs., 45 (I)    
Guyott, Louisa, 50 (City Clerk has burial in S.H.)   Guyotte, Louise mentioned elsewhere as being buried in Canade   Gyotte, Mary Louise, 50 widow, leaves seven children Potvin's Block, Lyman St.
  Hamel, Almida      
Hammel, Rosanna (Paquin) (hard to read), 20        
  Hebert, Celina, 43 (I)      
    Hebert, Salina, 10 (ExD)    
    Hibbert, Annie, 35 (I)    
    Hibbert, Sophie, 37 (ExD) elsewhere cites name as Sophia Hebbert leaves six children    
    Hicks, Ellen, 25 (ExD)    
Hicks, Lucy, 21 Hicks, Lucy, 20   Hicks, Lucy (IB)  
Hicks, Mary, 25 Hicks, Mary, 25 Hicks, Mary, 20 (ExD) Hicks, Mary (IB)  
  Houde, Eveline (I)      
    Jaudin, Mrs. Paul (ExD) buried in Bulington, VT    
    Jeter, Paul, 30 (I)    
  Jeter, Mrs. Paul, 31 Jeter, Mrs. Paul, 31   Jeter, Mrs. Paul, 31 Fountain St.
  Jeter, Paul (I)      
LaChance, Arilda, 19        
  Lachance, Cyrille, 19      
    LaChance, Miss, 18 (ExD)   La Chance, Malvina
LaChance, Marceline, 19        
LaChapelle, Adele, 16 LaChappelle, Adele, 16 LaChappelle, Adele, 16 La Chappelle, Adele, 16 sis of Rosilda LaChapelle, 16
LaChapelle, Rose, 12 years & 8 months LaChappelle, Rose, 13   La Chapelle, Rosilda sis of Adele La Chappelle, Rosa
      La Chause, Clasilda (IB)  
Lacosta, Marie, 14   Lacoste, Marie, 20   Lacoste, Marie
Lacoste, Azilda, 16 Lacoste, Exilda, 16 Lacoste, Miss, 14   Lacoste, Exilde, 16 Auberton Block, Union St.
    Lacrosse, Isidore    
      LaCrosse, Annie, 15 missing/unrecognized  
      LaCrosse,Mary, 22 missing/unrecognized  
        Ladley, Exilde (D) died at Nicholas Prew's this morning
Lafrance, Ozilda, 20 LaFrance, Azilda, 27 LaFrance, Ezilde, 20 La France, Epilda La France, Azile, 27 Middle street
    LaFrance, Mary (ExD)    
Lagasse, Rosalie, 54 Lagasse, Rosalie, Mrs. Lagape, Rosalie, 54   Lagassie, Rosalie Cumming's Block
    Langdeau, daughter of Mr., 12    
    Langdeau, daughter of Mr., 16    
  Langdeau, Exilde, 10      
  Langdeau, Marie, 20      
    Langdeau, Mr., 45    
  Langevin, J.B., 40 Langevin, John Baptiste, 40 Langveine, J. Batiste, 40 Langevine, J.B., 40 boarded at Chicoine's, Park St.
  LaPlante, Seline, 18 LaPlante, Selina, 18 cited elsewhere as Salina Plante buried in Canada La Plant, Salona, 18 dau Basil La Plant La Plant, Saline, 18
  Lapointe, Annie, 15 (I) Lapointe, Anna, 15 (I)    
    Lapointe, Marceline, Mrs., 44 (I)    
Lariver, Celeste, 54 (hard to read) Larive, Calixte, 50     Laribee, Caliste, Mrs., 50 leaves 2 children
    Lariviere, Edes    
    Lavigne, Ada, 54    
        Lavinne, Ella lived in Lapoint's block
  LeClerc, Mr. (I)      
  Longchamp, John (I)      
  Longchamp, Phoebe (I)      
Longville, John B., 40        
    Louteau, Miss, 10    
      Lyassay, Rosellie, 54  
    Major, Mrs., 30    
      Mareau, Isiak  
        Marin, Armine, 12 Potvin Block, Lyman St.
      Masiner, Joseph Corner of Union and Forrester sts.  
Mercier, Joseph, 43        
  Messier, Joseph, 46 Messier, Joseph, 44   Messieur, Joseph, 46 Cor. Union & Fountain Sts.
  Messier, Lizzie (I) Mercier, Lizzie, 16 (ExD) Elsewhere reproted in hopeful condition Union St.    
    Menier, Amminie, 18 or 20 elsewhere mentioned as Amminie Menier and referred to as organist, see article    
Meunier, Ella, 19 Meunier, Ida, 19 Meunier, Ida, 19   Meunier, Ida, 19 dau Prosper Meunier, lives near J. McCabe
Morreau, Alphonsine, 16 Moreau, Alphonsine, 15 Moreau, Alphonsine, 15 Moreau, Alphonsine Dau of Fabian Moreau about 60 Moreau, Alphonse
Moreau, Fabien, 54 Moreau, Fabien, 51 Moreau, Fabien, 55 Moreau, Fabian, about 60 Moreau, Fabien, 54 iller for Mosher, Wait & Co.
Moreau, Isaiah, 26        
      Morion, Armena  
  Morin, Armiac, 12      
Morin, Harmenia, 13        
  Morin, Isiac, 22 Morin, Isai, 22 cited elsewhere as Morin, Isaiah buried in Canada   Morin, Isaish lived over Guyot's Lyman St.
Ozier, Antoine, 74 Auger, Antoine, 75 Osger, Antoine, 72 Ozier, Antoine, 72 Ozier, Antoine, 75 "Bash", Canal Street, leaves widow
  Paquin, Hermille      
Pacquin, Josephine, 14 Paquin, Josephine, 14     Paquin, Josephine, 14 Potvin Block, Lyman St.
  Pare, Mary, 20      
Payette, Eliza, 17 Payette, Louise, 17     Payette, Louies, 17 Virtue's House, "Bush"
Payette, Matilda, 15 Payette, Matilde, 16     Payette, Matilde, 16 Berger House, Canal St.
    Pelker, Peter (I)    
Pellerin, Gaspard, 23 Pellerin, Gaspard, 23 Pellrain, Gaspard, 23   Pellerin, Gaspard, 23 Monat's Block
    Perrin, Eliza, 17    
Perry, Mary, 18   Perry, Mary, 18 Perry, Mary, 18 dau Mrs. John Perry Perry, Mary lived in Perry's Block, High St.
      Pierre, Tobien A.  
Pion, Mary, 27 Pion, Mary, 37 Pion, Mary, 25 Pion, Mary Pinon, 37
Pion, Onerzion (sp? -- illegible), 55 Pion, Mrs. O., 55 Pion, Mrs. Widow, 55 (I)   Piron, Mrs., 55
Plante, Selina, 18 (likely the same as Selina LaPlante)        
      Poquin, Josephine, 14  
    Poquin, Mrs. Hermida, 25    
    Poyette, Miss, 16    
    Poyette, Miss, 20    
    Pyon, Mrs. Thymothey, 34 (I)    
      Ravine, Ada  
    Raynaud, Mrs., 23 (ExD)    
    Rennyg, Henry, 12    
  Regnier, Lucie, 18 (I) Rennyg, Lucy 18, (I)    
  Riel, Joseph, 29 (I)      
  Riel, Mary, 25 (I)      
    Robert, Annie (dau. of John B.), 14 (I)    
Roberts, Selina, 9 Robert, Delina, 11 (D)      
Roberts, Edmund, 11 Robert, Edmund, 11 Robert, Edmund, 11   Roberte, Edmond son of J.B. Roberte
    Robert, John Baptiste (I)    
    Robert, Marie, 12 (D)    
      Roberts, Emma, 12 (IB)  
      Roberts, John, 11 missing/unrecognized  
      Roberts, Mary, 14 (IB)  
  Roberte, Celina, 9 Robert, Salpier, 9 Roberts, Salnier, 9 (IB) Roberte, Celine, 9 dau of J. R. Roberte
  Rogers, Mrs., 30 Roger, Mrs.Joseph, 36    
Rosgia, Deline, 38        
St.Peter, Fabien, 19 St. Pierre, Fabien, 25 St. Pierre, Tobien, 25 buried in Canada   St. Pierre, Fabien Gates' Block, Park St.
        Soucette, Celina, 20
Stay, Mrs. Paul, 33        
      Tatroult, Famio, 18  
        Tatutrault, ____
    Terriere, Fabien, 18    
    Terriere, Louise, 24 (I)    
  Tetro, Femie, 22 Tetrault, Fannie, 22   Tatrault, Finnie
  Theriau, Louise, 21 (I)      
Theriiault, Jacob, 64 Therieau, Jacob, 64 Tereau, Jacob, 55   Terrieo, Jacob, 64 Monat's Block, leaves twelve children
    Theriault, Louise (I)    
  Vachin, Marie, 20 (I)      
    Version, Miss (I) Vorsian, Mary knee broken (IB)  
  Vieut, Charles (I)      
Viget, Josephine, 43 Viger, Josephine, 40 Viger, Josephine, 40 Buried in Canada   Viger, Josephone, 40 Potvin's Block
    Woods, Eveline, 12 (ExD) elsewhere listed as Evelyn Woods Parsons' Block, Cypress St. possible adoped dau of E.D. Howard, see article    
Total Reported: 71 Total reported: 107 Total Reported: 121 Total Reported: 56 Total Reported: 66

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