Local Color, the First Five Years

The Berkshire Hills & Pioneer Valley of Western Mass

A Corner Among the Mills
A Corner Among the Mills.

A Keeper of the Gate
A Keeper of the Gate.

        The overseer being for the moment out of sight, nearly every employe improved the occasion to rush down to the room and enjoy the passing excitement, whatever its cause might be.
        "Oh, glory be to heaven!" wailed Mrs. Blinn. "Sure ’twas the dreadful ghost I saw. ’Twas clad all in a long white grave-shroud, an’ it’s eyes were full of fire, an’ it’s face blazed like the firey pit below. Oh! Oh! Sorra’s the night I ever saw this fearful thing!" and she threw her apron over her head and moaned and rocked herself from side to side in genuine terror.
        "Oh come now, Mrs. Blinn, don’t take on like that. ’Twas only dreamin’ you were," said Katie Crippin, trying to remove the apron; but Mrs. Blinn only clutched it tighter, rocked the harder and groaned louder.
        "Sure, an’ do you suppose ’twas a real ghost?" asked Maggie Hayes in an awed undertone.

The Bridge Over the Connecticut to South Hadley Falls
The Bridge Over the Connecticut to South Hadley Falls.

Canal Street
Canal Street.

On the Bridge of the Third Level Canal
On the Bridge of the Third Level Canal.

The First Level Canal Near the Gatehouse.

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