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Holyoke, Massachusetts

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        Holy Cross Church
        St. Paul's Church
        Blessed Sacrament Church (Exterior)
        Second Congregational Church
        Sacred Heart Church and Sisters Home and Church
        St. Paul's Church
        Blessed Sacrament Church (Interior)

Street Scenes
        Birds Eye View of High Street, Holyoke Mass
        High Street From Essex Street
        High Street From Division Street
        High Street
        Suffolk Street and Victory Theatre
        High Street from City Hall
        High Street and City Hall
        High Street
        Dwight Street, from Main Street looking West
        High Street from Suffolk
        View of High Street by moonlight
        Looking Up Dwight Street From Main Street

Mountain Park
        Mt. Park Dance Pavilion
        Mt. Park Fun House
        Rustic Gates, Mountain Park
        Roller Coaster, Mountain Park
        Midway at Mountain Park
        Arrival at Mountain Park
        Pavilion, Mountain Park
        Pavilion, Mountain Park
        Watching the Bear, Mountain Park
        Animal Cage at Mountain Park
        The Merry-Go-Round, Mountain Park
        Mountain Park and Casino

Mt Tom & the Summit House
        Summit House from Easthampton
        Mount Tom Summit House, North Side
        Mount Tom
        Mt. Tom Rustic Pavillion
        Mt. Tom House
        Summit House, Mt. Tom
        Easthampton, From Mt. Tom
        Summit House, Mt. Tom
        Mount Tom by Moonlight
        Railroad up Mount Tom
        Rock Cut on Mountainside, Mount Tom
        Mt. Tom Cliffs. Looking toward Easthampton
        Birds Eye View from Mt. Tom by moonlight
        Lower Station, Mount Tom Railroad
        View of Summit From Mount Tom
        View of the Connecticut River from Mt. Tom
        Car leaving Lower Station, Mt. Tom Railroad
        Cable R.R. and Mount Holyoke House
        Mt. Holyoke Hotel
        Connecticut River & City of Holyoke From Mt. Tom
        The Lower Station Mt. Tom Railroad
        Mt. Tom Railroad, Near Easthampton, Mass.
        Bird's Eye View of Holyoke

Buildings & Monuments
        The Nonotuck Hotel
        The Armory
        B & M Depot
        City Hospital
        Grandview Cabins
        Post Office
        Post Office
        High School
        City Hall
        City Hall
        Kenilworth Castle
        Log Cabin Restaurant
        Soldier's Home
        Tower at Scott Park, Anniversary Hill
        Tower at Scott Park
        Kenilworth Castle
        Post Office
        Hotel Hamilton
        Soldiers' Monument, Hampden Park
        Armory With Trees
        Holyoke Canoe Club, Smith's Ferry
        Holyoke City Hospital
        Public Library
        Grandview Cabins
        B & M Railroad Station

Industry & the Dam
        The Dam
        Million Dollar Dam
        Water Power Gate House
        Boat Landing, Connecticut River
        The New Dam
        Parade By the Canals
        Holyoke Dam
        The New Million Dollar Dam
        Second Level Canal
        Hampden Ponds Showing the White House
        Riverside Park
        Boat House at Hampton Pond
        Feeding Ducks at Hampton Ponds
        Hampden Park
        Professor Hammond
        View From The Log Cabin Restaurant

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