Smith's Ferry Cemetery

Holyoke, Massachusetts

Located on Route 5 North between Holyoke &
Northampton, close to the Northampton line

Lucy Cargill Waldo

Lucy Cargill Waldo
Relict of Doct. Albigence Waldo
late of Pomfret, Con.
She was born at Pomfret August 16, 1762
and died at Northampton July 31, 1830 aged 68 years.

As she lived a life of faith & love
in the Redeemer, she had hope & trust,
through his merits, to enjoy him forever
in the realm of lights.

Farewell my friends both far and near,
With every one, I leave my love;
And warn you all, now to prepare,
To meet me in the courts above.

Note: This stone is in poor condition. Transcription in part is from the
Corbin Manuscript Collection,
an inventory conducted in the early 1930s.

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