History of Holyoke's Churches

Immaculate Conception Parish

Church of the Immaculate Conception
Church of the Immaculate Conception

      To accommodate the Canadian people of Ward One and the vicinity Bishop Beaven formed the parish of the Immaculate Conception. They erected a basement as a place of worship in 1903. Of this parish Rev. J.B. Campeau was made the first pastor, November 15, 1905. He finished the basement of the church and fitted it for divine service. In 1907 he purchased form the city of Holyoke a school house, which he renovated and made a home of Christian education. The school is taught by twelve Sisters of the Order of the Presentation of Mary. It is attended by 76 pupils. For the Sisters Father Campeau provided an ample convent. He also built, in 1908, a rectory, which is considered one of the finest residences of the city. Father Campeau was succeeded by Rev. H. Gelineau, who now manages the affairs of the parish in such a way as to develop to its utmost resources. That his excellent work and charming character are appreciated by the people whom he serves is evidenced by enthusiasm they manifest in co-operating with him in all that he undertakes for the parish welfare. Rev. G. Potvin, Rev. Stanislaus Guilet, and Rev. T. Ferron have served as curates in this parish.

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