History of Holyoke's Churches

Beulah Baptist Church

Rev. A.E. Hooper, Pastor

      The Second Baptist Church, Holyoke, during the pastorate of Rev. C.H. Kimball, who began his work here in September 1886, took on some of the martial spirit, which its militant pastor had exhibited as a soldier in the Civil war, and entered upon two important missionary enterprises, the Ward One Mission, as it was known in those days, and an effort in Willimansett, which has become the Beulah Baptist Church. During his pastorate, which concluded in 1889, a chapel was built at Willimansett.
      At this chapel, July 12, 1892, a church was organized, made up by 49 members, dismissed at their request from the Second Baptist Church, Holyoke; one from the First Baptist Church of this city, and one from the First Baptist Church of Chicopee Falls. A recognition service was held July 19th of that year.
      The roll of pastors is as follows: Rev. George E. Nichols, July 1882-June, 1892; Rev. E.S. Ufford, November 13, 1893-1900. Mr. Ufford's name is associated the world around with his familiar song, "Throw Out the Life Line." Rev. G.A. Martell, December 2, 1900-February 7, 1909; Rev. H.S. Foster, April 1, 1909-September 1, 1911.

Rev. Alfred E. Hooper
Rev. Alfred E. Hooper

      Rev. Alfred Hooper began his work here January 1, 1912, having just concluded a pastorate at Lee, and he has already proved himself the man for the place. He has a wife and four children.
      Until his death last year Homer J. Stratton was the only superintendent which the Beulah Sunday school had ever known. He began his generous service January 29, 1888, and held his important position until he passed away, October 31, 1911. He gave both work and money without stint. The present superintendent is Richard R. Mudd. The activity of the Men's Class is highly commendable, for the members have by their private expenditure, coupled with the labors of their own hands, added two excellent rooms to the plant. The church building was enlarged and renovated during Mr. Martell's pastorate.
      The church is actively engaged in cancelling a mortgage which amounted to $1,000, but which has been reduced $400 during the past two years.
      Among the officers of the church are the following consecrated workers:
      Deacons, George H. Shaw, Arthur E. Snow, Thomas Stutters, and John Mallory; clerk, Mrs. Martha Shaw; treasurer, Thomas Stutters; treasurer of the benevolent fund, Mrs. Jennie Mulholland; organist, Miss Marian Severance; sexton, Edward Frank.

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