Text Omitted From the
Transcript's Thirtieth Anniversary Edition

Thanks to Paul Graves of the Holyoke Room and the Holyoke Public Library, for showing me an intact original.
  • The Transcript's First Press
  • 30th Anniversary Sketch
  • Hon. William Whiting
  • The Famous Skinner Mills
  • The Holyoke Water Power Co.
  • Holyoke's Parks by William J. Howes
  • Holyoke's Schools by John Riley
  • Holyoke Parent-Teacher Association by Mrs. Sumner H. Whitten
  • Holyoke's Water Supply
  • Holyoke's Famous Turbines
  • The Papermaking Industry
  • Holyoke's Largest Taxpayer - Louis A LaFrance
  • Holyoke's Municipal Lighting
  • Young Women's Christian Association
  • Holyoke's Board of Health
  • Holyoke's Police Department
  • Holyoke's' Board of Public Works
  • The Holyoke Board of Trade
  • Three Holyoke Pioneers
  • Springfield Provision Company

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