625 Choice Recipes from the
Ladies of the Second Congregational Church of Holyoke

Amelia's Plane



"To make a perfect salad, there should be a miser for oil, a spend-thrift for vinegar, a wise man for salt, and a madcap to stir the ingredients up and mix them well together."

To make this condiment your poet begs
The pounded yellow of two hard boiled eggs;
Two boiled potatoes, passed through kitchen sieve,
Smoothness and softness to the salad give;
Let onion atoms lurk within the bowl,
And half suspected, animate the whole;
Of mordant mustard add a single spoon,
Distrust the condiment that bites so soon;
But deem it not, thou man of herbs a fault
To add a double quantity of salt;
Four times the spoon with oil from Lucca crown,
And twice with vinegar, procured from town;
And lastly, o'er the flavored compound toss
A magic soupcon of anchovy sauce.
O green and glorious! 0 herbaceous treat!
'Twould tempt the dying anchorite to eat;
Back to the world he'd turn his fleeting soul,
And plunge his fingers in the salad bowl;
Serenely full, the epicure would say,
"Fate can not harm me—I have dined to day."

                    Sydney Smith.


The yolk of one egg; stir in nice salad oil a few drops at a time, till a thick paste; then add one teaspoonful of mixed mustard, a little salt, and cayenne pepper about the size of a pea; then thin it with the juice of a lemon or vinegar till of the consistency of cream; this is a nice dressing for, chicken with celery, lobster with lettuce, or cold boiled potatoes with capers. — Mrs. J. S. McElwain.

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