625 Choice Recipes from the
Ladies of the Second Congregational Church of Holyoke

Celebrations Cookbook


Yolks of eight eggs, well beaten; one tablespoonful of salt; three tablespoonsful of prepared mustard; one-half cup of cream; one cup of milk; one cup of butter, melted; one-half pint of vinegar; cayenne pepper; stir thoroughly together over the fire till thick as cream. — Mrs. Ward.


Shred the cabbage; sprinkle with salt and pepper; put a half cup of vinegar over the fire with a piece of butter the size of a walnut, and a little made mustard; when it comes to a boil, pour it on to a beaten egg; return to the sauce-pan, and then to the fire, and let it thicken a little; pour over the cabbage at once, tossing lightly with a silver fork. — Mrs. M. Adams Allen.


Four eggs beaten very nicely; one tablespoonful mustard; one tablespoonful butter or oil; pinch of salt; tumbler of vinegar; cook as you do custard. — A.


Meat of two chickens; three-fourths the bulk of celery; yolks of two eggs, raw, beaten for ten minutes; add two large teaspoonfuls of made mustard; mix it in well, then add one teaspoonful of best vinegar; then add the oil or melted butter, a drop at a time, beating constantly with a fork until the dressing is as thick as cream; boil four eggs hard; put them over in cold water; let them boil over a brisk fire ten minutes; into the hard-boiled yolks, made smooth with a little cold water, put one teaspoonful of pepper and a dash of cayenne pepper; four teaspoonsful of sugar, one teacup of vinegar; then pour slowly into the first preparation; sprinkle the chicken with salt and pepper; pour dressing over, mixing as lightly as possible with a silver fork; garnish with the whites of the hard-boiled eggs. — Mrs. M. Adams Allen.

Dress, stuff and bake; then remove the skin and chop the meat; boil hard three eggs, chop the yolks and put in; then chop one half bunch of celery and add a little salt; then add the salad dressing. — Mrs. Joel Russell.


To three lobsters take four hard-boiled eggs, the yolks rubbed smooth with one teaspoonful of dry mustard, and one raw egg; stir to a cream, two tablespoonsful of melted butter, a little salt; thin with vinegar; chop lobster, lettuce, and the whites of the eggs together; pour the dressing over it last. — Mrs. W. S. Loomis.

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