625 Choice Recipes from the
Ladies of the Second Congregational Church of Holyoke

Native American Herbal Tea Sampler

Take one large lobster chopped fine; one large head of lettuce; boil five eggs hard, separate the yolks and whites; beat the yolks to a fine flour; add one teaspoonful of mustard; four teaspoonsful of salad oil or butter; one-fourth teaspoonful of red pepper; when well mixed, pour one cup of vinegar slowly on the egg paste, then stir it in with the lobster and lettuce; slice the whites of the eggs and lay on the top of the dish; garnish with lettuce. — Mrs. Ward.


To four pounds of boiled ham chopped fine, with considerable of the fat add one-half cup of mustard; one great spoonful of sugar; four raw eggs, (or not), moisten to suit the taste with vinegar; one-half teaspoonful pepper; chopped celery; garnish with celery. — Mrs. A. A. Wait.


Cold potatoes sliced; one hard-boiled egg; take out the white and chop with celery, lettuce or cabbage; lake the yolk, and one tablespoonful of water, two of melted butter, salt, pepper; two teaspoonsful of mustard, one half cup of vinegar, a little salt; mix and pour over the potato before eating. — Mrs. Hodge.

Slice four or five cold potatoes and two boiled eggs; place the slices of potato and egg in a dish together, seasoning with pepper, salt, and a little onion; over the whole pour two thirds of a cup of vinegar. Excellent with baked beans. — Mrs. Wiley.


One egg; three tablespoonsful of sugar; butter size of a walnut; one tablespoonful of ground mustard; a little salt; mix well and stir into one pint of cold vinegar; boil, while boiling-hot pour it over the cabbage finely cut. — Mrs. Wiley.

Two eggs well beaten; one teaspoonful each, of salt, pepper and mustard, well mixed with eggs; four tablespoonsful melted butter; six tablespoonsful of cream or milk, all well mixed; set it on the stove, and when quite hot mix one-half pint nice vinegar; cook all together, stirring constantly until it thickens; it should be as thick as cream; chop fine one medium sized cabbage, and one-half hour before eating pour over it the dressing, cold. — Mrs. J. D. Hardy.

One head of cabbage, chopped fine; put in a frying pan one half cup of vinegar, one tablespoonsful of butter, one half teaspoonful of salt, one-half teaspoonful of pepper; boil three minutes; pour over the cold chopped cabbage.

One-half pint of sweet milk; one egg; boil two minutes; pour over the cabbage when ready for the table; set away four hours before using. — Mrs. Wm. S. Loomis.

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