625 Choice Recipes from the
Ladies of the Second Congregational Church of Holyoke

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Lard the bottom of a porcelain kettle; one peck of ripe tomatoes, peel and cook them; five large green squash peppers, leave in about a dozen seeds, four large onions chopped very fine, peppers chopped very fine, also; boil with the tomatoes one hour and a half, put it through the colander; let it boil about twenty minutes; season with one largo spoonful of mustard mixed with a little vinegar, a small half teacup of salt, one cup of brown sugar, three pints of vinegar; add cinnamon and cloves; let it boil fifteen minutes after seasoning; bottle or can. — Mrs. Sears.


Two gallons chopped cabbage; one gallon chopped tomatoes, (green); one dozen onions, medium size; one ounce celery seed; one ounce whole allspice; one ounce cloves; six green peppers; one-half pound white mustard seed; one gill salt; one and three quarter pounds of brown sugar; one gallon vinegar; mix all, and boil fifteen minutes. — Mrs. W. R. Kemp.


One quart of cranberries; one pint of sugar; one pint of boiling water; allow them to just boil up once. — W. W. Ward.


Take one cup of sugar and one cup of boiling water; put in the sauce-pan; pare, core and quarter the apples; drop into the liquid, cover and let cook till tender; remove from the fire and let stand till cool, then turn out, and the apple will be whole. — Mrs. G.H. Goldthwait.

Pare, core and slice some fine apples; put them into a sauce pan with just sufficient water to keep them from burning, and some grated lemon peel; stew them till quite soft and tender; then mash them to a paste, and make them very sweet with sugar, adding a small piece of butter and some nutmeg; apple sauce is eaten with roast pork, roast goose and roast ducks; be careful not to have it thin and watery.

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