625 Choice Recipes from the
Ladies of the Second Congregational Church of Holyoke

Rachael Ray's 30-Minute Get Real Meals



Eight quarts of grapes; seven pounds of brown sugar; one pint of very sharp vinegar; two tablespoonsful of ground cloves; two tablespoonsful of ground allspice; remove the skins from the grapes; boil the pulps tender and strain through a sieve; boil the skins in the vinegar and spices two hours, (using judgment), then add the pulp and sugar; boil slowly a little as you would jelly; when you perceive it to be jelly-like put in bowls or glasses. — Mrs. M. Adams Allen.


Take your watermelon rinds and cook them in vinegar, sugar and spices; one pound of sugar to a pint of vinegar; when tender remove the rinds and boil down the syrup; then pour it over the pickles. — Rosa M. Papillion.


One-half peck of peaches; two pounds of brown sugar; one ounce stick of cinnamon; one pint of vinegar; boil sugar and vinegar together twenty minutes; put your peaches in hot water for an instant, and on taking them out rub off the fur with a coarse towel; then stick four cloves into each peach and put them in the syrup and boil till tender. — Mrs. L. F. Hayward.


One quart of vinegar; one tea-cup of sugar; one teaspoonful of cinnamon; one of allspice; stick about six whole cloves into each pear; heat the vinegar; then add the sugar; then the spices tied in a bag; when this is boiling hot, pour over your pears which have previously been put in a jar; the pears should be a little mellow. — Mrs. F. K. Blodgett.


Seven pounds of ripe currants; five pounds of sugar; one pint of vinegar; two ounces of cloves; two ounces of cinnamon; four nutmegs; boil four hours. — Mrs. John C. Newton.

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