625 Choice Recipes from the
Ladies of the Second Congregational Church of Holyoke

Martha Stewart Living Christmas Cookbook



One cup of butter; one-half cup of sugar; one-half cup of molasses one cup of sour milk; one cup of chopped raisins or figs; three cups of flour; one teaspoonful of soda; one teaspoonful of cloves; one tea-spoonful of cinnamon; a little nutmeg; steam three hours; serve hot with a rich sauce. — Mrs. J. G. Mackintosh.

One cup of milk; one cup of molasses; one cup of butter; one cup of suet; one cup of raisins; three and one half cups of flour; one tea-spoonful of soda; boil or steam three hours. "Just as good next day." — Mrs. J. J. Frazer.


One cup of molasses; one cup of sweet milk; one cup of chopped suet; one cup of raisins; one teaspoonful of saleratus; one teaspoonful of cloves; one teaspoonful of cinnamon; one-half teaspoonful of all-spice; one teaspoonful of nutmeg; make it stiff and steam three hours. — Cora Fairchild.


One quart of milk; two-thirds cup of tapioca; two or three eggs a dessertspoonful of butter; two-thirds cup of sugar; one teaspoonful of salt; flavor with lemon, nutmeg, or extract of rose; do not wash the tapioca as the fine powder is the nicest part; but pick it over carefully and soak over night in half of the milk; if you have not done this, and need the pudding for dinner, it will soak in cold water, (twice as much water as tapioca), in two or three hours; boil it in the milk set into a kettle of hot water; stir often; beat the eggs and sugar thoroughly together; stir them and all the other ingredients into the milk while hot; if the pudding is put at once in the oven it will bake in three-fourths of an hour or a little less. — Mrs. A. K Childs.

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