625 Choice Recipes from the
Ladies of the Second Congregational Church of Holyoke

American Pie


Let one quart of milk just come to a boil; while it is heating beat four eggs; remove the milk from the fire and stir in the eggs; replace on the stove; stir and let thicken; sweeten and flavor to taste. — Mrs. L. F. Hayward.


One pint of whipped cream; two tablespoonsful of granulated sugar; one-half teaspoonful of vanilla; pour into a dish lined with lady fingers; spread lady fingers over the top. — Mrs. Wm. S. Loomis.

One coffee cup of cream; one-fourth box of gelatine dissolved in one gill of hot milk; whites of three eggs, beaten stiff; one small tea-cupful of powdered sugar; flavor with vanilla; whip the cream light; add part of the sugar; then the eggs and the rest of the sugar; then the vanilla; and last, the gelatine almost cold; line a dish with sponge cake and fill with the mixture; put on ice, or in a cool place. — Miss Agnes Allyn.


Grate a cocoanut, leaving out the brown part; heap it up in the center of a handsome dish and ornament with fine green leaves, such as peach or honey-suckle; serve it with snow cream, made as follows: beat the whites of five eggs to a stiff froth; add two large spoonsful of fine white sugar; a large spoonful of rose water, or pineapple; beat the whole well together and add one pint of thick cream; put several spoonsful over each dish of cocoanut. — Mrs. E. H. Potwin.


One cup of strawberries mashed; whites of two eggs; one cup of powdered sugar; whites of the eggs to be beaten light; strawberries and sugar to be added gradually; beat from one-half to three fourths of an hour; to be eaten with a custard made from the yolks. — Miss Agnes Allyn.


Pare five large tart apples; core and quarter them; steam until tender and then rub through a colander; when cool, add the juice and grated rind of a lemon; half a cup of sugar; and the whites of three eggs; beat to a froth and pile in a glass dish. Sauce; boil one pint of milk, and stir into it the yolks of three eggs, beaten with three heaping tablespoonsful of sugar. — Mrs. E. P. Bagg.

Stew six apples in just water enough to keep them from burning; pass the pulp through a sieve; stir in one-fourth of a cup of sugar, and half a teaspoonful of extract of lemon; beat the whites of three eggs to a stiff froth; and then add the apples, and beat, adding a little at a time; one cup of powdered sugar; heap the snow on a glass dish and add to it bits of high colored currant or raspberry jelly. — Mrs. Kendall.

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