625 Choice Recipes from the
Ladies of the Second Congregational Church of Holyoke

Mount Rushmore


One-half box of gelatine; pour on it one and one-half pints of boiling water; when it is dissolved, and while still hot break in the whites of four eggs and two teacups of white sugar; flavor with vanilla; beat well for three-fourths of an hour; put in moulds and eat with cream. — Mrs. J. S. McElwain.


Scald two quarts of milk; one box of gelatine; stir until dissolved; stir in four eggs, beaten with a cup of sugar, and a teaspoonful of vanilla; strain into moulds. — Mrs. J. J. Frazer.


Put one-half box of gelatine in one quart of milk, with the yolks of three eggs on the stove; stir until it comes to a soft custard; when cold, beat the whites of three eggs to a froth; add six tablespoonsful of white sugar; one of flavoring; and mix all together; put in a mould and let stand until hard. — Mrs Cowan.

Two glasses of orange juice; one-half box of gelatine; boil together until dissolved; add one cup of sugar; stir all into a pint of cream; flavor with vanilla, and put into moulds; whip the cream. — Mrs. J. J. Frazer.


Core your apples and fill them with sugar; bake and serve with rich cream. — Mrs. A. A. Wait.


Three tablespoonsful of tapioca, soaked over night; in the morning pour off the water, and put the tapioca into a quart of milk and boil ten minutes; beat the yolks of four eggs, and add one cup of sugar and three tablespoonsful of dessicated cocoanut; stir into the milk while boiling; boil five minutes; pour it into a dish, and put over the top the whites of the eggs, beaten to a stiff froth, with three tablespoonsful of white sugar; sprinkle with cocoanut, and brown in the oven. — D. F. Clarke.


Make apple, peach or orange jelly; dip jelly glasses in cold water; half fill with jelly; let cool; then fill with cold boiled custard; make this of the yolks of the eggs; then make a meringue of the whites and heap up on the surface of the custard; send to table accompanied with sponge cake. — E. J. B.


One pint of milk; whites of three eggs; salt; one dessertspoonful of sugar; set in a kettle of water and boil twenty minutes; very delicate. — Mrs. J. U. Woods.

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