625 Choice Recipes from the
Ladies of the Second Congregational Church of Holyoke

Wilton Supreme Cake Decorating Set


Black Part: — One cup of brown sugar; yolks of four eggs; one-half cup of butter; one half cup of molasses; one half cup of strong coffee; two and one-half cups of flour; one cup of chopped raisins; one cup of currants; one teaspoonful of soda; one teaspoonful of cinnamon; one half teaspoonful of mace; one teaspoonful of cloves.

White Part: — Two cups of sugar; one-half cup of butter; one cup of milk; two and one-quarter cups of flour; one cup of corn starch; whites of four eggs; one and one-half teaspoonsful of baking powder; put between the layers either soft jelly or frosting. — Mrs. F. D. Heywood.


Two cups of sugar; three eggs; two thirds of a cup of butter; one cup of sweet milk; three cups of flour; one teaspoonful of saleratus, dissolved in the milk; add a little salt, and flavor with lemon or almond; put half the above in two square or oblong pans; to the remainder add one teaspoonful of molasses; one large cup of raisins, stoned and chopped; one-quarter of a pound of citron, sliced; one teaspoonful of cinnamon; one-half teaspoonful each of cloves and all-spice; grate on a little nutmeg, and add one spoonful of flour; put into two pans, same as the above; put the sheets together while warm, with a little jelly between; part of the light colored with lemon and part with strawberry make a very pretty appearance with the dark. — Rosa M. Papillion.

One and one half cups of sugar; one-half cup of butter; one-half cup of milk; two cups of flour; three eggs; one teaspoonful of cream of tartar, and one-half of soda; bake two-thirds in two separate tins; to the other third add two large spoonsful of molasses; one-half teaspoonful each of cinnamon, cloves, nutmeg; one cup of fruit; put this between the other layers, spreading each with jelly; frost. — Mrs. Moses Newton, Mrs. D. H. Porterfield, Mrs. N. H. Whitten, Mrs. Murlless, Mrs. H. H. Gridley.


One cup of sugar; one-half cup of butter; two eggs; two cups of flour; one cup of milk; one teaspoonful of soda; two teaspoonsful of cream of tartar. FROSTING; two cups of sugar; one-half cup of milk; boil ten minutes; then add butter size of an egg, and one teaspoonful of vanilla; stir constantly until cold. — Mrs. Charles C. Webber.

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