625 Choice Recipes from the
Ladies of the Second Congregational Church of Holyoke

Weight Watchers New Complete Cookbook


White of one egg; stir into it sufficient powdered sugar to make it stiff enough to handle; flavor with vanilla; dip the walnuts into a syrup made of two tablespoonsful of sugar and one of water, boiled three or four minutes; mould the cream with your fingers, and place between the two halves of a walnut; dates or malaga grapes may be used. To make chocolate cream-walnuts, stir two tablespoonsful of melted chocolate into the cream. — Mrs. E. H. Potwin.


One pound of cocoanut; one-half pound of sugar, (powdered); white of one egg; work all together, and roll into little balls; bake on buttered tins. — Belle Goldthwait.


Two cups of sugar; one-half cup of water; boil five minutes; flavor to taste with peppermint; stir until thick, and drop on white paper, well buttered. — Annie Chapin, Lulu Kellogg.


Two cups of sugar; one cup of butter; four tablespoonsful of vinegar. — Mrs. E. W. Bartlett.


Cut the roots in thin slices; add water, and let simmer ten minutes; make a syrup of sugar with just water enough to dissolve it; drain the flag-root, then add it to the syrup, and let boil till the sugar will grain; then remove to a cool place, and stir thoroughly till the sugar is dry; then let stand a few days. — Mrs. W. W. Ward.


Two cups of molasses; one-half cup of sugar; piece batter size of a walnut; one tablespoonful of vinegar; boil until it strings, not quite so long as for molasses candy; stir with corn, and mould into balls. — Georgie Bardwell.

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