John J. Lynch Junior High School
Class of 1954

Student Librarians

Student Librarians

First Row:
Louis Silver, Stephen Donachie, Robert Cain, Edward Abbot.

Second Row:
Carl Breyer, Christine Thompson, Richard Smernoff, Suzanne Giehler.

Third Row:
Carol Epstein, Marie Sullivan, Marcia Klaczynski, Christine D'Amour, Priscilla Putnam, Maureen Pendergast, Kathleen Kennedy, Nancy Murphy, Nancy Mitchell, Lane Farr, Marion Saunders, Josephine Gomez.

Student librarians have many responsibilities. Their duties include processing, charging, shelving, and repairing books, keeping reading records, checking attendance, helping pupils locate information, filing pictures, articles, and pamphlets, and preparing magazine and newspapers for use. They are responsible for keeping the library in order. In addition they prepare displays, book talks, book reviews and assembly.

This staff of twenty trained assistant librarians, all ninth year pupils who were chosen according to their qualifications for library service, operate on a schedule of duty before and after school and during the lunch hour. Organized as the Library Club, they have elected as their officers, Richard Smernoff, President; Christine Thompson, Vice President; Suzanne Giehler, Secretary; and Carl Breyer, Treasurer.

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