John J. Lynch Junior High School
Class of 1954

Cafeteria Workers

Cafeteria Workers

First Row:
Marie Camilleri, Elaine Theroux, Jean McGinty, Beverly Zakrzewski, Jo-Ann Bissell, Joyce Judelson, Judith Marceau, Susan Harry, Sandra DiCarlo, Brenda Burke.

Second Row:
Jo-Ann Rothmeyer, Josephine Gomez, Frances Zebrowski, Mary Ann Tallman, Nancy Murphy, Agnes Peltier, Rosemary Bosbach, Beverly McCabe, Helen Hamilton, Lindsay Schmidt.

Third Row
Lindalee Dorman, Susan Allair, Franklin Faivre, John Creane, James Brunelle, David Driscoll, William Yoerg, John Sbrega, Richard Gerhardt, William St. Lawrence, David Whiting, John Philpott, Peggy Schubach, Gail Dickinson.

Fourth Row:
James Creane, George Chamberlain, George Schmid, George Hurley, Robert Ebersold, Robert Wilson, Ronald Trudeau, David Curran, James Fogarty.

Here is an organization of which we are justly proud. This group under the capable direction of Mrs. Gibbs, Miss Canavan and Miss Heffrom helps in the speedy distribution of over six hundred meals daily.

You will find these boys and girls working at the serving and dish return centers, selling and collecting tickets or on duty in the faculty dining room. While giving service to the school they are learning to become good homemakers and restaurant managers.

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