John J. Lynch Junior High School
Class of 1954



Eugene Martin, Paul Allie.

First Row:
David Harrington, Kenneth Hinkley, Albert Martin, Robert Ebersold, Paul Kennedy, Billy St. Lawrence.

Second Row:
Donald Russell, David Anderson, Richard Eger, Daniel Sullivn, George Hurley, David Long.

Third Row:
David Curran, James Werbiskis, Jerry Jaffe, Mr. Hiersche, Donald Therrien, Browning Wood.

The '54 Lynch team fot off to a rip-roaring start this year! The season hasn't been completed yet, but from the looks of things, the future may hold a baseball trophy for our team.

A few top hitters this year are Gene Martin, Johnnie Newton and Al Hurlburt.

The boys are really working hard this year and it's been paying off!

The Lynch "9" have won the first three games in succession !!

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