Mount Tom Lodge

Mount Tom Lodge has been an established organization in Holyoke since 1950. Over time, it has accumulated an interesting assortment of Masonic artifacts — including photographs, brochures, aprons, and other artifacts — that have been donated to the Lodge by its membership.

These articles have been deemed interesting by its membership and an effort has been made to establish and maintain a display area — or museum — where these items can be viewed and enjoyed by members. Scroll through to look at a sample of the kinds of items that are on display in the Museum, or select one from the lists below.

Please address all correspondance regarding the museum or memorabilia to Philip Lesser or John Pierce, 235 Chestnut Street, Holyoke, MA 01040.

Past Master Archibald A. Brooks Historic
Apron of Past Master Archibald Brooks George Washington Museum Case
Past Master Eli W. Beach Images from laying the Cornerstone Museum Case
Museum Case Enfield, MA
Photos of Past Masters
Mount Holyoke
Royal Arch Chap.
Museum Case

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