Mount Tom Lodge

Mount Tom Lodge, Holyoke, MA, circa 1950

Photo from: "History of 100 Years" Anniversary Publication, 1950

235 Chestnut Street
Holyoke, Massachusetts 01040
Telephone 413 536-4345

Mount Tom Lodge was established in 1850 on the exact same date the city of Holyoke was incorporated as a town. Because so many of the early organizers of Holyoke — including many of the industrialists — were members of Mount Tom Lodge, there are strong connections between Lodge history and town history.

At present, the following three areas of historical interest relating to Mount Tom Lodge reside on this web site, published with knowledge and permission of the Lodge:

By-Laws and Membership of 1910: List of all members from 1850 through 1910, date of membership, and the Lodge By-Laws. Approximately 1,000 members listed.

Mount Tom Lodge 100th Anniversary Publication: A historical sketch of the Lodge, photographs of former and present Lodge locations, photographs of some members, and a selected time-line of interesting Lodge events from 1850-1950.

Mount Tom Lodge Museum
During the past few years, Mount Tom Lodge has selected historical items in its archives and organized an interesting masonic display, or museum. Photographs of the museum and selected items of interest may be viewed here. Specific inquiries related to these items, the museum, or Mount Tom Lodge may be directed to the address at the top of this page.

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