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T H E    V I E W

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HE view from the summit of Mt. Tom is the prominent feature, as it is the most diversified and beautiful of any mountain view in the world. To some it suggests the Drachenfels on the Rhine, and to others Stirling Castle, but comparisons are not necessary, so much is true, and more, that in forty minutes from Holyoke one may sit above the din and heat of a summer day, in the world and yet apart from it, with as fine a view as the earth affords, satisfied by the variety presented.
      "Nature is saturated with beauty" writes a prominent author, and those whose perceptive powers are not at fault cannot but appreciate the beauty of Nature in the splendid panorama that surrounds Mt. Tom. In late afternoon, when the mist and light make the glory of a summer sunset, the feeling uppermost is one of enjoyment and admiration, and one forgets himself in the delights of a bird's existence, for we must look from a great height to realize, in a flood of sensations, that the poetry of air is liberty.

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