Hartford Trolleys
Mount Tom Railroad Banner


Rustic Arch, Mountain Park (top) Lower Station, Mt. Tom Railway
Mt. Tom Summit House from the West
The Mountain
The Summit
Holyoke and Connecticut River, from Mt. Tom.
Ingenious Turnout, Mt. Tom Railway
Upper Station, Mt. Tom Railway (top) Approaching the Summit
A Cable-Electric Cars, Mt. Tom Railway
Mountain Park Cafe
The Summit continued
The Summit House
Easthampton and Beyond, from Mt. Tom
Cafe and Assembly Pavilion, Mountain Park
The View
Looking South from Mt. Tom
A Lily Pond, Mountain Park
Looking Up the Incline (top) Mt. Tom from the East
Going through Rock Cut, Mt. Tom Railway
Looking South from Lower Station
Near the Zoo, Mountain Park
Dining Room, Summit House, Mt. Tom
Geology and Carfare
Mountain Park
View of the Summit House (top)
Mt. Park and Connecticut River
Mt. Tom from Mountain Park
Bird’s-Eye View of Mt. Tom and Surrounding Country Mt. Tom & Mountain Park, from Cedar Knob Tower


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