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T. TOM is the geologist's paradise. The summit rock shows distinctly the striae or scratches of the debris of the glaciers or ocean of ice that once covered this whole country. Granite boulders from afar north found resting places along the mountain's side; a fine specimen may be found on "Little Mountain," and a "birdtrack" of huge size can be seen in a sandstone slab in front of the Summit House, brought thither from Mountain Park.
      The electric carfare from Holyoke post office to the foot of Mt. Tom is 5 cents. The fare on the Mt. Tom Railroad is 25 cents for the round trip, which includes free use of grounds, pavilion, use of telescopes, etc. Fares to summit of Mt. Tom and return, on electric railway, are as follows: Springfield, round trip, 55 cents; Westfield, 65 cents; Northampton, 45 cents; Amherst, 65 cents; Easthampton, 45 cents; Williamsburg, 55 cents; Chicopee, 45 cents; Chicopee Falls, 45 cents. A fine automobile road leads from the main auto thoroughfare, up the Connecticut Valley to Mountain Park where cars may be taken to the foot of the Mt.Tom Railroad.

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