Papercraft Weekend Workbook

Wauregan Paper Company.

Franklin Paper Company.

        This corporation was organized in 1866, with a capital stock of $60,000, but has lately come into the possession of new men, the Messrs. Ramage, who also have a large plant at Monroe Bridge at Franklin county.
        They have changed the machinery of the Franklin mill, so as to make bristol board and duplex papers, where formerly it made only white and colored flats.
        The Messrs. Ramage took possession April 1 last, employ sixty hands and make about six tons of paper a day. They use two mill powers, running eight 400-pound engines, two Jordan engines, one 100-horse power Harris-Corliss engine and one 40-horse power, N.Y. Safety engine.
        The company consists of James Ramage, president; John Ramage, vice-president; James M. Ramage treasurer, and C.W, Ramage, secretary.

The Beebe & Holbrook Company, Holyoke, Mass.,
Manufacturer of High-Grade Loft-Dried Writing Papers. G.B. Holbrook, Pres., A.W. Esleeck, Treas.

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