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Crocker Manufacturing Company

Crocker Manufacturing Company.

        As manufacturers of colored papers, the Crocker Manufacturing Company has won a high reputation, as also for their specialties, English glazed hardware paper and the "Crocker American matrix paper." Its success in these particular lines serves to distinguish it from most of the paper mills reviewed in these pages.
        The company was organized in May, 1871, the active person in interest being the late Col. Daniel P. Crocker, a shining light in the paper world. He died in 1887, and the mantle worthily fell upon the shoulders of his brother Clifton A. Crocker, who had been connected with the office for ten years. The capital stock of the company which was originally $60,000, was increased in 1879 to $90,000 and in 1890 a repurchase of the Dickinson and Clark property, originally held by the company, with the enlargement of the original mill, gave the corporation one of the finest and best mills in Holyoke. The water supply thus secured includes six mill powers, while the ground space runs from the canal back to the Connecticut river. Owing to the topographical curvature, at that point, the lots are wider at the rear than at the front, so that the principal dimensions may be described as follows: Frontage on the second level canal, 257 feet; depth, 400 feet; river frontage, 335 feet. The Dickinson & Clark, while not a large mill, had enjoyed a good reputation, and in taking upon themselves the business of the dissolved organization, the Crocker company have demonstrated their wisdom.
        The capital stock of the company is at present $100,000 and the list of officers is as follows: President, Samuel S. Crocker of Leominster; treasurer, Clifton A. Crocker; secretary, R. Frank McElwain; superintendent, Charles A. Outterson.
        In closing this page it deserves to be stated that this company furnished the excellent cover paper used on the paper covered edition of "Picturesque Hampden." Emphasis should be laid here upon the fact that the Crocker Company stands at the head in cover-paper manufacturing in this country, making it a point to have always in stock the largest and most complete line of these papers made or carried by any mill anywhere in the country.

Treasurer's Office
Treasurer’s Office.


The Finishing Room
The Finishing Room.

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