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Holyoke Machine Company, Holyoke, Mass

Holyoke Machine Company, Holyoke, Mass.

Turbines, Gearing, Improved Paper Machinery, Pumps, Hydraulic Presses, Elevators, Etc.
N.H. Whitten, President; S. Holman, Treasurer; C.H. Heywood, Assistant Treasurer; H.J. Frink, Agent.

Thomas J. Long.
Thomas J. Long.

Works of Long &  Walsh.
Works of Long & Walsh.

Thomas S. Walsh.
Thomas S. Walsh.

Long & Walsh Steam Boiler Works.

        The growth of the city of Holyoke brought forth the new firm of Long & Walsh not quite two years ago, and there has proved to be room, enough for them as well as others, in the manufacture of rotary and steam boilers, penstocks, etc.
        Mr. Long is a native of Holyoke, is about thirty-two years of age, was educated in the "Paper City," and worked in the Coghlan shops for fifteen years, also with R.F. Hawkins of Springfield. Mr. Walsh, his partner, is thirty-five years of age, a native of Hartford, Conn., and received a large part of his education in the evening schools of Springfield. In 1875, he began to learn boiler-making in the Boston & Albany Railroad shops, working there five years. He then went into the shop of the New York Central Railroad Company, and finally closed his trade education as a journeyman in the shops of R.F. Hawkins of Springfield.
        Now, as master workmen, Messrs. Long & Walsh have achieved signal success, for several good reasons. Both are young men who understand their business, of excellent reputation, which they are anxious to even improve. So satisfactorily has all their work been done that its fruits are seen to-day in a rush of orders that has kept them running day and night. Some of their more recent contracts may be summer up as follows: Flume, T-center and draft tube for the Farmington River Paper Company, Hartford, Conn., penstock for the Chase Turbine Company or Orange Mass.; flume and draft tude for the Glasgow Manufacturing Company, South Hadley Falls; 150 feet of penstock, seven feet in diameter, for the Carew Paper Company, South Hadley Falls, 1,050 feet of penstock, equally divided into diameters of seven, nine and ten feet for Riverside Mill No.2, Holyoke; one boiler for the Appleton street school, Holyoke; and two boilers for the new Young Men’s Christian Association building in the same city.
        One of the boilers recently made for the Merrick Lumber Company, is a fine specimen of the Messrs. Long & Walsh—s work. It is of the triple butt joint type, the joint being sextuple riveted, the rivets passing through a double strap and giving the joint a resisting strength equal to ninety-five per cent. of that of a whole plate. When it is considered that in all boilers the joint is the weakest spot, and as ordinarily riveted is capable of withstanding only about sixty per cent. as much as the plate, the utility of these six rows will at once be apparent.

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