Mill Girls and Strangers


Lyman Street at the Lower Canal
Lyman Street at the Lower Canal.

In a Holyoke Alley
In a Holyoke Alley.

        "Tacketty feet! Tacketty feet!" He called out as Sandy came clattering up the stairs at noon-time; and the rest of the spinning-room boys joined in the cry.
        During the afternoon at every trip up into the spool-room, Andre repeated the jeer, and if the overseer was not too near, Sandy responded with a flying bobbin, aimed at Andre’s head.
        Andre had come up on his last trip for the night and had pulled the last box from the elevator, when he caught sight of sometime that caused him to give a yell of terror. The box went flying to one side of the hall and Andre stumbled into the spool-room shaking and crying, and sank into a collapsed heap on the floor.

City Center
The City Center,
From the Lyman Street Upper Bridge.

An Overflow Dam
An Overflow Dam.

Jumping the Rope
Jumping the Rope.

A Broken Express Wagon
A Broken Express Wagon.

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