Smith's Ferry Cemetery

Holyoke, Massachusetts
Located on Route 5
Holyoke (near the Northampton line)

Smith's Ferry Cemetery
View of Cemetery from Road

The Cemetery
Smith's Ferry is a small cemetery with some early burials, the oldest person being Lucy White, who died at the age of 100 in 1876. There are many tombstones with deaths dated in the early 1800s. Located almost on the Northampton line, this land was once very much a part of the Mount Tom section of Northampton and later became part of Holyoke. Because of this there are many predominant Northampton names. My understanding is the city of Holyoke maintains this cemetery, although I have been told they do not have records and have only a sketchy idea as to the individuals buried here. In terms of care, the cemetery is usually only mowed. A wide U-shaped path within the cemetery that is evident in a map dated 1932 is no longer visible. Surrounding the cemetery is a very wooded area, therefore bring your insect repellent if you ever plan a summer visit. Also I found many graves set into the treed area, many I am sure simply from the encroaching forest and general overgrowth of foliage.

I inventoried each of the existing stones through digital photographs, available for viewing on these pages. Once all discernable data was organized it was compared with an inventory completed by Walter Corbin in 1932. Because many of the stones now are nearly 60 years older than Mr. Corbin's inventory, there has been much wear and disintegration.

The Inventory Data
The inventory may be seen here. This is complete an inventory as possible considering the lack of record-keeping.

Additions & Correction
Please let me know if there are additions or corrections. Maybe you are able to decipher some of the stones I am unable to read.

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The entrace to Smith's Ferry Cemetery can only be accessed from Route 5 in Holyoke. For those who travel on Route 91N, Exit 17 is your best bet, from which a left turn onto Route 5 north will get you to the cemetery. From the North, Route 91S, you may be better served by getting off the highway at exit 18 (Northampton) and taking a right turn on Route 5 South. The cemetery is located next to the Delaney House restaurant and there is plenty of parking in the area.

Smith's Ferry Cemetery

Smith's Ferry Tombstone Inventory

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