Smith's Ferry Cemetery
Holyoke, Massachusetts

Tombstone Inventory

Names in red are duplicate entries listed by maiden surname, when known.

Names in
blue are names of individuals buried in Smith's Ferry with tombstones that are missing,
damaged, or unable to be identified. This is usually information augmented from other sources
such as early vital records or the Corbin Manuscript collection.

"Unknown" is a link that will take you to a stone image that is unable to be identified.

Obviously some of the blue links might correspond to the unknown images with more reliable
information available to make the determination.

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Last First Image
Abbott Charles Henry More
Abbott Edwin F. More
Abbott Fred Walker More
Abbott Rose Vincent More
Abbott Theresa Naughton More
Adams L. Pearl (Avery) More
Adams Robert More
Allen Charles M. More
Allen Clarence More
Allen Corolyn M. More
Allen Eleanor More
Allen Eleanor H. More
Allen Lillian A. More
Allen Lucy Ann More
Allen Lysander More
Allen Merwin More
Alvord Maria (Mrs.) More
Arnitz Alice (Hebert) More
Arnitz Estelle More
Arnitz Frank J. More
Avery L. Pearl More
Avery Leroy F. More
Avery Nellie M. (Lake) More
Bagg Eunice (Smith) More
Bagg Frederick More
Bagg Hiram More
Bakewell Ellen A. More
Barney Ashton M. More
Barney Ashton M. More
Barney Carrie (Wood) More
Barney Emma C. More
Barney Mary Briggs More
Barney Nancy More
Barney Russell B. More
Barney Thomas More
Bilz Ida E. (Howes) More
Bilz Ralph C. More
Bowlen William Caldwell More
Bridges Dorothy J. More
Briggs Ann More
Briggs B. P. More
Buckleton Gladys More
Burns Mary E. More
C_______ D_________ More
Cargill Benjamin More
Cargill Dorcas More
Cargill Lucy More
Carl Alfred G. More
Carl Emma (Ruppert) More
Carter Cornelia More
Choquette Donald A. More
Choquette Lucille L. More
Clark Myra L. More
Cogswell Clarence C. More
Cogswell Laurentia P. (Collins) More
Collins Horace A. More
Collins Jonathan E. More
Collins Jonathan P. More
Collins Laurentia P. More
Crossley Garnett E. More
Daniels Polly More
Dashiell Mabel (Griffith) More
Dashiell Willard I. More
Day Eli More
Day Julia More
Day Julia More
Day Lydia More
Degenkolbe Marie More
Dickinson Esther More
Faille Yvonne R. More
Fareau Bertha C. More
Gauthier Angelina More
Gelinas Ernest More
Gelinas Sybil More
Gould Abigail W. More
Gould Sarah Lurene More
Gould Solon H. More
Gould Stella L. More
Green Amanda H. More
Hebert Alice More
Hinkes Dorothy J. (Bridges) More
Hinkes Edwin C. More
Hinkes Ellen A. (Bakewell) More
Hinkes Henry J. More
Hinkes Joseph G. More
Hinkes Joyce Evelyn More
Hinkes Leonard S. More
Hinkes Marion E. (West) More
Hinkes Rose E. More
Hinkes Sidney S. More
Howes Ida E. More
Howes Lillian M. More
Howes Luther W. More
Howes Mary E. (Burns) More
Judd Simeon More
L_______ A ____________ More
Leduc Alexander C. More
Leduc Elizabeth A. (Perz) More
Leduc Richard More
Leduc Susan L. (Pratt) More
Lewis Henry A. More
Lewis Lillian M. (Howes) More
Lippman Henry O. More
Lippman Veronica (Chagnon) More
Lyman Asahel More
Lyman Elias More
Lyman Elias More
Lyman Hannah More
Lyman Isadora (Durant) More
Lyman Leona M. More
Lyman Lorrin A. More
Lyman Lucy More
Lyman Mrs. Hannah More
Lyman Miss Rachel More
Lyman Rachel (Miss) More
Lyman Ray More
Lyman Richard A. More
Lyman Uknown More
McLellan Christine More
McLellan David W. More
Moriarty Margaret More
Morton Elsie M. More
Morton Margaret (Neumann) More
Morton Robert C. More
Muir Mary M. More
Muir R. Allan More
Mundell Alice (Robbins) More
Mundell Clayton V. More
Mundell Elsie M. (Morton) More
Mundell Garnett E. (Crossley) More
Mundell Graydon A. More
Mundell Graydon E. More
Mundell John P. More
Mundell Robert J. More
Mundell Roberta J. More
Mundell Russell A. More
Neumann Charles More
Neumann Cynthia More
Neumann Margaret More
Neumann Mary M. (Sullivan) More
Newman Ann E. More
O'Connor Gerald J. More
Parsons Asahel More
Parsons Asahel More
Parsons Aurelia More
Parsons Infant son More
Parsons Infant son More
Parsons Jemima More
Parsons Jonathan More
Parsons Jonathan, 2d More
Parsons Laurentia More
Parsons Mary A. More
Parsons Rebecca More
Parsons Semantha More
Parsons Submit More
Perz Elizabeth A. More
Pratt Susan L. More
Reynolds Estelle (Arnitz) More
Reynolds John Burton More
Robbins Alice More
Ruppert August F. More
Ruppert Emma More
Ruppert Marie (Degenkolbe) More
S_______ J.A. More
L_______ A ____________ More
S_______ M.E. More
S________ C.W. More
S__________ A ____________ More
Scheldorf Anna More
Sieniawski Angelina (Gauthier) More
Sieniawski Edward More
Smith Adah (Stickney) More
Smith Amanda More
Smith Charles More
Smith Chester More
Smith Chester W. More
Smith Clarissa More
Smith Clifford More
Smith David More
Smith David L. More
Smith Eunice More
Smith Eunice More
Smith George E. More
Smith George I. More
Smith Helen C. More
Smith Herbert T. More
Smith Hervey More
Smith Infant More
Smith Infant More
Smith John H. More
Smith Josephine A. More
Smith Julia Augusta More
Smith Kate More
Smith Lewis More
Smith Lewis More
Smith Lucy B. More
Smith Luthera M. More
Smith Mary Ellen More
Smith Milo J. More
Smith Milo L. (mention) More
Smith Sally J. More
St. Onge Lorraine D. More
Stickney Adah More
Stoddard Ann E. (Newman) More
Stoddard John B. More
Strain Cynthia (Neumann) More
Strain Daniel More
Sullivan John P. More
Sullivan Margaret (Moriarty) More
Sullivan Mary M. More
Sutter Herman A. More
Sutter William A. More
Sutter Yvonne R. (Faille) More
Underwood Anna (Scheldorf) More
Underwood Arthur More
Underwood Arthur J. More
Underwood Baby More
Underwood Edith More
Underwood Elizabeth A. More
Underwood Harriet More
Underwood Leona M. (Lyman) More
Underwood Lewis F. More
Underwood Myra L. (Clark) More
Underwood Richard F. More
Underwood Richard F. More
Underwood Walter A. More
Underwood William More
Upson Esther (Dickinson) More
Upson Thomas More
Vining Ralph S. More
W_________ L.C. More
Wait Justin More
Wait Lucina More
Waldo Lucy More
Wall Bertha C. (Fareau) More
Wall C. Clarke More
Wall Charles L. More
Wall Lorraine D. (St. Onge) More
Wall Patrick More
Welch Elleanor H. More
West Marion E. More
White Lucy More
Wilmarth Thos L. More
Wood Carrie More
Unknown   More
Unknown More
Unknown   More
Unknown More
Unknown   More
Unknown More
Unknown   More
Unknown More
Unknown   More
Unknown More
Unknown   More
Unknown More
Yaverski Charlotte More

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