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Holyoke Daily Transcript

Thirtieth Anniversary

This Holyoke Daily Transcript Thirtieth Anniversary edition was published in 1912. This comprehensive volume denotes detailed history of many institutions that were the focus of life at that time, including churches, the library, charitable organizations, philanthropy and prominent citizens. George Allyn's Sketch of Holyoke also appears with an interesting, albeit lengthy, history of the city enriched with personal narratives and local lore. Additionally, there is a great deal of advertising.

Because of the publication date, this is assumed to be in the public domain. The publication does not appear here in its complete version, missing sections are noted. I purchased a badly tattered and incomplete version at a flea market and have placed online all segments of the publication that are in my possession and complete, as well as selected advertisements of historical interest. Obviously, this material is free for public use, I simply ask that it not be copied from this site nor reproduced in its entirity elsewhere in any format -- printed or electronic -- without my permission.

There are hundreds of names mentioned on these pages. For genealogical enthusiasts, I have added a surname index that will assist in linking to individuals and surnames that appear within this publication.

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