History of the Connecticut Valley in Massachusetts, 1879.


Editorial Source Note: Pages 915-938 in Volume II of this title focuses upon Holyoke. Only these specific pages have been included here and the names indexed are exclusive to these pages.

Map: Ireland Parish (now Holyoke) in 1827
Civil Organization
City Hall, Holyoke, Mass.
City of Holyoke — First Officers
The Water-Power
The Holyoke Water Power Company
Res. of R.P. Crafts, Holyoke, Mass.
Manufacturing Interests:
      The Parsons Paper Company.
      The Valley Paper Company.
      The Whiting Paper Company.
      The Holyoke Paper Company.
      The Crocker Manufacturing Company.
      The Hadley Falls Paper Company.
      Holyoke Manilla Mill.
      The Excelsior Mill.
      The Riverside Paper Company.
      The Connecticut River Pulp-Mill, Newton Brothers, Proprietors.
      The Newton Paper Company.
      The Franklin Paper Company.
      The Union Paper-Manufacturing Company.
      The Albion Paper Company.
      The Old Albion Mill.
      The Wauregan Paper Company.
      The Beebe & Holbrook Paper Company.
      Massasoit Paper-Manufacturing Company.
      The Merrick Thread Company.
      Hadley Company Spool-Cotton Manufactory.
      Holyoke Machine Company.
      The Lyman Mills.
      The Unquomonk Silk Mills.
      The Farr Alpaca Company.
      The Prentiss Wire-Mills.
      The Massachusetts Screw Company.
      Other Manufacturing Interests.
      The Hadley Falls National Bank
      Holyoke National Bank
      The Holyoke Savings-Bank
      The Mechanics' Savings Bank
      Bankers—J.G. Macintosh & Co., established in 1876. (No other info)
City Library
Fire Department
The Water Works
Burial Places
Residence of J.F. Allyn, Holyoke, Hampden County, Mass.
      Holyoke Lodge, No. 134, I.O.O.F.
      Holyoke Council, Select and Royal Masters
      Mount Tom Lodge, F. and A.M.
      Mount Holyoke Royal Arch Chapter
      Connecticut Valley Lodge, Knights of Pythias.
Country Seat of Timothy Merrick, Holyoke, Mass.
The Press
Ecclesiastical History:
      The First Congregational Church.
      The First Baptist Church.
      The Second Congregational Society.
      The Second Baptist Church.
      The Methodist Episcopal Church.
      St. Paul's Episcopal Church.
      The German Reformed Church.
      St. Jerome Parish (Catholic).
      The Church of the Sacred Heart.
      The French Roman Catholic Church.
      Soldiers' Monument. (in Hampden Park)
      Holyoke in the Rebellion. List of names and regiments.
Biographical Sketches:
      Samuel B. Allyn.
      Hon. William Whiting.
      George Herbert Smith, M.D.
      The Newton Brothers:
              James Hale Newton.
              Moses Newton.
              John C. Newton.
      Joseph Clark Parsons.
      Edward Calvin Taft.
      Dr. James I. O'Connor.
      John Delaney.
Surname Index

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