Mount Tom Lodge
History of 100 Years — 1850 - 1950

Mount Tom Lodge, in celebration of their 100th Anniversary, published the following documents available online here. All of these links represent material that was published in two pamphlets commemorating the 100th Anniversary. Because of their historical interest, the pamphlets have been reproduced completely.
  • A Historical Sketch of Mount Tom Lodge by R. W. Archibald A. Brooks. Narrative about the Lodge, including a few photographs of prior Lodge locations and members. Some prominent Lodge members profiled.

  • Timeline Mount Tom This timeline contains brief excerpts from the secretarys' records over the years. With some annotations by R. W. Archibald A. Brooks.

  • Membership Complete list of members of Mount Tom Lodge and year of membership from its organization in March 14, 1850 to the time of publication in January 1, 1950. The list names everyone ever having been admitted to Lodge membership including those suspended, demitted or deceased, 1,754 members named.

  • Chart of Officers A list of all past officers throughout the one hundred year history of the Lodge.

  • List of Past Masters A chronological list of all Mount Tom Lodge Past Masters from 1850-1950.

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