The Playful Crowd : Pleasure Places in the Twentieth Century

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ESIDES these brakes, there is a brake upon the cable at the top of the incline, also the usual electric car hand-brakes on each car. The "turn-out," half way up the mountain, is an ingenious arrangement for allowing cable-connected cars to be used on a single-track, standard-gauge railroad. The roadbed is of trap-rock, and the construction is strong and substantial in every way. The cars move up the rocky slope by a grade so easy as not to suggest even the fear of giddiness to the most timid. The maximum grade is but 21 per cent.
      The cars are connected with each other by a telephone system which can be used when cars are in motion or when still. The upper and lower stations are also connected by a separate telephone system.
      As the car approaches the summit the view of the surrounding country breaks suddenly upon the gaze of visitors. The short walk from the upper station of the railroad to the Summit House is a pleasant one, and visitors linger on the way to observe many points of interest.

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