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HE Summit House is a large, solidly built structure, 76 feet wide by 104 feet long, four stories high. Wide piazzas surround two stories and the upper story is a large observation room (49 x 80 feet), surrounded windows of polished plate glass. This observation room is furnished with numerous telescopes for the free use of visitors. Maps of the United States Topographical Survey show this country with all the details of water, relief, and culture, on a scale of about one mile to the inch, from Boston Bay, to the Hudson River, and from Long Island Sound northerly into Vermont and New Hampshire.
      In the lower story is a spacious dining room where excellent meals are served at all times. Visitors will be sure of good service and an excellent cuisine. There is also a lunch counter, and a beautiful rustic pavilion for those who bring their own lunches, but the house is not arranged for the accommodations of guests over night. A long-distance telephone connects with the outside world.

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