Ladies of Labor, Girls of Adventure

The Lowell Mill Girls

Looking Up Hampden Street Hill
Looking Up Hampden Street Hill.

Union Street
Union Street.

        A few years later, two of the girls who had worked in the mill at time of the ghost scare, happened to attend together a minstrel performance in a neighboring town. All the familiar tricks of the old-fashioned minstrel show were performed, icluding the hair-raising ghost burlesque and the feats of a limber-jointed fellow who is doubled up and pulled through a barrel. There was something familiar about the movements of one of the cork-blackened performers, but the girsl did not recognize him until he came forward to respond to a recall after one of his tricks. Then he came out to the front of the stage, looked straight down to the chairs where they were sitting, and when the corners of his mouth went up in a crescent curve, they saw a well known face looking through the grease and paint, and knew he was Sandy Hutton.
        Sandy had evidently found his true vocation this time.

Lyman Street from Front
Lyman Street from Front.

Something Broken
Something Broken.

A Street in 'Little Canada'>
A Street in "Little Canada."

Doorway Groups — Lyman Street
Doorway Groups — Lyman Street.

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