Holyoke Daily Transcript
Surname Index


Gabler, G.L. (Dr.)Second Baptist Church
Gage, Rev. RodneyMethodist Episcopal Church
Gage, Rev. RodneyFirst Methodist Church
Galbraith, Rev. JohnMethodist Episcopal Church
Gallaudet, P.W.Holyoke's Fire Department
Gamwell, WilliamFirst Baptist Church
Gardner, WilliamFirst Presbyterian
Gare, MarshallHolyoke's Societies & Clubs
Garside, A.First Baptist Church
Garvey, JohnHolyoke's Societies & Clubs
Gate, Seymour E.Sketch of Holyoke, p.9
Gates, Lucy R.First Baptist Church
Gates, William C.St. Paul's Episcopal Church
Gavin, Rev. JohnSt. Jerome's Church
Gaylord, Arthur S.Congregational (S.H.)
Gaylord, Miss ElizabethCongregational (S.H.)
Gaylord, W.C.First Congregational Church
Gelineau, Rev. H.Immaculate Conception Parish
Gendron, AndrewHolyoke's Societies & Clubs
Genest, 0.E.Sketch of Holyoke, p.12
Geoffroi, Rev. L.Our Lady Of Perpetual Help
Gero, Raymond W.Holyoke's Societies & Clubs
Gerstein, JosephHolyoke's Societies & Clubs
Gideon, Dana, Rev.First Congregational Church
Gilette, RobertFirst Methodist Church
Gilette, RobertHolyoke's Societies & Clubs
Gillespie, PatSketch of Holyoke, p.12
Gilligan, P.J.Sketch of Holyoke, p.10
Gilmore, ParleyFirst Baptist Church
Gilmore, Samuel B.Liberal Christian Congregational Society
Glynn, Mrs. A.H.First Methodist Church
Goldthwaite, GeorgePhoto, Sketch of Holyoke, p.10
Gollen, Rev. P.H.Parish of the Sacred Heart
Goman, LeroyHolyoke's Societies & Clubs
Goodall, F.P.Sketch of Holyoke, p.12
Goodall, F.P.Sketch of Holyoke, p.13
GoodyearSketch of Holyoke, p.1
Goodyear, A.B.First Baptist Church
GoodyearSketch of Holyoke, p.2
Gordon, Rev. WilliamFirst Methodist Church
Gorham, George W. (Rev.)First Baptist Church
Gorham, J.S.Highlands Methodist Episcopal
Gorham, Rev. George W.Second Baptist Church
Gorman, Edward J.Hotel Gorman
Gould, MissMount Holyoke College
Goulet, M.Holyoke's Societies & Clubs
Grant, Miss HarrietSecond Baptist Church
Graves, AlbertHolyoke's Fire Department
Graves, F.K.Holyoke's Fire Department
Graves, Mrs. C.A.Second Baptist Church
Graves, WallaceMethodist Episcopal Church
GreaneySketch of Holyoke, p.14
Greaney, EdwardHolyoke's Societies & Clubs
Green, A.L.Sketch of Holyoke, p.15
Green, Mr. Addison L.St. Paul's Episcopal Church
Green, Mr. Addison L.St. Paul's Episcopal Church
Green, MyronSketch of Holyoke, p.10
Greene, Emma S.Holyoke's Societies & Clubs
Greene, LouisHolyoke's Societies & Clubs
Greene, Mary A.Holyoke's Societies & Clubs
Greenhalge, GovernorSketch of Holyoke, p.15
Greenleaf, 0. H.Sketch of Holyoke, p.5
Gregroire, A.Holyoke's Societies & Clubs
GriffinSketch of Holyoke, p.14
Griffin, J.F., P.W.P.Holyoke's Societies & Clubs
Griffin, Michael J.Sketch of Holyoke, p.17
Griffin, Rev. JohnHoly Rosary Parish
Griffin, Rev. JohnPhoto, Holy Rosary Parish
Griffin, Rev. John F.Holy Rosary Parish
Griffin, Rev. P.J.Parish of the Sacred Heart
Griswold, Rev. John F.Congregational (S.H.)
Grover, WilliamPhoto, Sketch of Holyoke, p.10
Grover, WilliamSketch of Holyoke, p.10
Grover, WilliamHolyoke's Cemeteries
Grover, WilliamSt. Paul's Episcopal Church
Guilet, Rev. StanislausImmaculate Conception Parish
Guillette, Rev. StanislausParish of the Precious Blood

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