Holyoke Daily Transcript
Surname Index


MacClallan, CharlesSketch of Holyoke, p.3
Macdonald, MysaHolyoke City Hospital
MacDonnell, JohnSketch of Holyoke, p.13
Mack, Capt.St. Jerome's Church
MacKay, Miss MaryHolyoke City Hospital
MackintoshSketch of Holyoke, p.1
Mackintosh, C.E.Sketch of Holyoke, p.15
Mackintosh, Charles E.D. Mackintosh & Sons
Mackintosh, Charles E.Group of Holyoke Residences
Mackintosh, Charles E.St. Paul's Episcopal Church
Mackintosh, Charles E.Sketch of Holyoke, p.4
Mackintosh, D.Sketch of Holyoke, p.14
Mackintosh, DonaldSt. Paul's Episcopal Church
Mackintosh, DonaldHolyoke City Hospital
Mackintosh, J. G.Sketch of Holyoke, p.13
Mackintosh, J.G.Holyoke City Hospital
Mackintosh, J.G.Sketch of Holyoke, p.11
Mackintosh, J.G.Sketch of Holyoke, p.12
Mackintosh, John G.D. Mackintosh & Sons
Mackintosh, John G.Holyoke City Hospital
Mackintosh, Mrs. J.G.Holyoke City Hospital
MacMenigall, RoyHolyoke's Societies & Clubs
Madden, MonsignorSt. Jerome's Church
Madden, MonsignorPhoto, St. Jerome's Church
Madsen, M.Methodist Episcopal Church
Magee, Rev. O.M.St. Jerome's Church
Magna, A.G.C.W. Johnson & Co.
Mahoney, S. A.Sketch of Holyoke, p.6
Malcolm, JamesHolyoke's Societies & Clubs
Mallory, JohnBeulah Baptist Church
Mann, Bridget R.Sketch of Holyoke, p.14
Mann, T.W.Sketch of Holyoke, p.14
Mann, Thomas W.Sketch of Holyoke, p.3
Mann, Thomas W.Sketch of Holyoke, p.6
Mann, Thomas W.Sketch of Holyoke, p.14
Mann, Thomas W.Photo, Sketch of Holyoke, p.5
Manning, JeffSketch of Holyoke, p.12
Manning, Mrs. HonoraSketch of Holyoke, p.9
Manning, Rev. E.A.Methodist Episcopal Church
Mannix, JohnHolyoke's Societies & Clubs
Mansfield, Rev. George H.Methodist Episcopal Church
Mansir, Mrs. N.C.Holyoke Home for Aged People
Marchand, Rev. JosephOur Lady Of Perpetual Help
Marchand, Rev. JosephPhoto, Our Lady Of Perpetual Help
Marcy, Rev. ThomasMethodist Episcopal Church
Marcy, Rev. ThomasFirst Methodist Church
Marden, Orison SwettStory of the Nautilus
Markham, EdwinStory of the Nautilus
Mars, P.M.Second Baptist Church
Marsh, R.G.Sketch of Holyoke, p.6
Marsh, R.G.Holyoke's Fire Department
Marsh, R.G.Holyoke's Fire Department
Marsh, R.G.Holyoke's Fire Department
Marsh, Robert G.Sketch of Holyoke, p.4
Marsh, Robert J.Sketch of Holyoke, p.3
Marsh, W.H.H.Sketch of Holyoke, p.10
Martell, Rev. G.A.Beulah Baptist Church
Martin, HenryHighlands Methodist Episcopal
Martin, Rev. T.C.Methodist Episcopal Church
Martin, W.L.Sketch of Holyoke, p.4
Martin, W.L.Sketch of Holyoke, p.6
Martin, W.L.Sketch of Holyoke, p.16
Mary Edward, SisterHolyoke's Greatest Charity
Mary Mt. Carmel, SisterHolyoke's Greatest Charity
Mary of Providence, SisterHolyoke's Greatest Charity
Mary of the Cross, SisterHolyoke's Greatest Charity
Mary Patrick, SisterHolyoke's Greatest Charity
Mason, Rev. ChristopherMethodist Episcopal Church
Mason, Rev. JohnMethodist Episcopal Church
Mauer, W.Germania Mills
Maxfield, Dr. George A.Holyoke Boys Club
Maxfield, F.E.Holyoke Bar Company
Maxfield, G.A., Dr.Holyoke Public Library
May John, SisterHolyoke's Greatest Charity
Mayberry, W. H.Sketch of Holyoke, p.13
Mayo, CharlesSketch of Holyoke, p.9
Mayo, FrankSketch of Holyoke, p.11
McAuslan & WakelinSketch of Holyoke, p.13
McAuslan & WakelinSketch of Holyoke, p.14
McAuslan & WakelinSketch of Holyoke, p.16
McAuslan, AlexanderFirst Congregational Church
McBride, DavidHolyoke's Societies & Clubs
McCabe, Dr. J.J.Holyoke Municipal Milk Station
McCarthySketch of Holyoke, p.12
McCauley, BarneySketch of Holyoke, p.11
McClellan, Rev. Mr.Grace Church
McCoon, GeorgeHolyoke's Fire Department
McCorkindale, Mrs. WilliamHolyoke Home for Aged People
McCormick, MargaretHolyoke's Societies & Clubs
McCoy, Miss Hannah E.St. Jerome's Church
McCoy, Rev. Dr. John J.Holyoke's Greatest Charity
McCoy, Rev. J.J.Church of the Nativity
McCray, Mrs. WilliamGrace Church
McDermott, Rev. DanielHoly Rosary Parish
McDonald, DanielHolyoke's Societies & Clubs
McElwain, J.S.Grace Church
McElwain, J.S.Holyoke Public Library
McElwain, R.F.Holyoke's Societies & Clubs
McElwain, ThomasMethodist Episcopal Church
McGaughan, Rev. JohnParish of the Sacred Heart
McGee, Rev. OwenSt. Rose de Lima Church
McGillicuddy, Rev. J.F.Church of the Nativity
McGourty, Rev. GeraldHoly Rosary Parish
McGowan, E.B.Grace Church
McGrath, Rev. DavidHoly Rosary Parish
McGrath, Rev. David F.St. Patrick's Church
McGregor, AlexanderFirst Presbyterian
McGuines, ThomasFirst Methodist Church
McIntee, W.H.Holyoke's Societies & Clubs
McKeon, Rev. JosephSt. Jerome's Church
McLeanMcLean Bros.
McLean, HughSketch of Holyoke, p.1
McLean, Nellie T.Holyoke's Societies & Clubs
McLeod, W.C.First Presbyterian
McMaster, R.A.Highlands Methodist Episcopal
McPherson, WIlliamHolyoke's Societies & Clubs
McTearnen, JamesHolyoke's Societies & Clubs
Meacham, JimSketch of Holyoke, p.6
Meacham, LeviSketch of Holyoke, p.6
Mead, F.A. , Dr.Holyoke's Societies & Clubs
Mead, Mrs. Elizabeth StorrsMount Holyoke College
Melcher, WilliamHolyoke's Fire Department
MenardSketch of Holyoke, p.9
MerrickSketch of Holyoke, p.15
Merrick, "Tim"Sketch of Holyoke, p.13
Merrick, "Tim"Sketch of Holyoke, p.14
Merrick, A.J.Merrick Lumber Co.
Merrick, JohnFirst Baptist Church
Merrick, Mrs. JosephHolyoke Home for Aged People
Merrick, TimothySketch of Holyoke, p.7
Merrick, TimothySketch of Holyoke, p.8
Merrick, TimothySketch of Holyoke, p.9
Merrick, TimothyHolyoke City Hospital
Merrick, TimothyHolyoke Public Library
Merrick, TimothySketch of Holyoke, p.5
Merrick, TimothySketch of Holyoke, p.1
Merrill, Rev. C.A.First Methodist Church
Merrill, Rev. D.B.Methodist Episcopal Church
Merwin, H.C.Sketch of Holyoke, p.10
Merwin, Rev. Samuel J.M.Congregational (S.H.)
Metcalf & LutherSketch of Holyoke, p.10
Metcalf, Clara F.Holyoke Home for Aged People
Metcalf, JosephGroup of Holyoke Residences
Metcalf, JosephHolyoke Home for Aged People
Metcalf, JospehHolyoke City Hospital
Metcalf, Mrs. F.H.Holyoke City Hospital
Metcalf, Mrs. Frank H.Holyoke District Nurse Association
Metcalf, Mrs. JosephHolyoke City Hospital
Metcalf, Mrs. Mary L.Holyoke's Societies & Clubs
Meunier, NapoleonHolyoke's Societies & Clubs
Mew, E.Holyoke's Societies & Clubs
Miles, E.B.Grace Church
MillerSketch of Holyoke, p.1
Miller & OrdwaySketch of Holyoke, p.10
Miller, "Priest"Sketch of Holyoke, p.4
Miller, A.A.Methodist Episcopal Church
Miller, AbnerSketch of Holyoke, p.1
Miller, AbnerSketch of Holyoke, p.2
Miller, E.J., Dr.Holyoke's Societies & Clubs
Miller, JohnFirst Congregational Church
Miller, Lieutenant JohnSketch of Holyoke, p.1
Miller, Rev. O.R.Highlands Methodist Episcopal
Miller, Rev. SimeonFirst Congregational Church
Miller, W.A.Sketch of Holyoke, p.9
Mills, J.K.Sketch of Holyoke, p.2
Mills, J.K.Sketch of Holyoke, p.3
Mills, Mrs. Susan LincolnMount Holyoke College
Mills, W.J.Second Baptist Church
Miner, Fred E.First Methodist Church
Miner, Lawrence R.First Methodist Church
Miner, Mrs. F.E.Holyoke City Hospital
Miner, Mrs. F.E.Holyoke Home for Aged People
Miner, Mrs. Frederick E.Holyoke Home for Aged People
Mitchell & PierceSketch of Holyoke, p.4
Mitchell, MaySketch of Holyoke, p.11
Mitivier, Dr.Sketch of Holyoke, p.15
Mitivier, Dr. M.M.Sketch of Holyoke, p.12
MoffatSketch of Holyoke, p.3
Moffat, J.E.Sketch of Holyoke, p.4
Monat, F.Y.Holyoke's Societies & Clubs
Monat, Henry M.Hotel Monat
Monat, PeterSketch of Holyoke, p.9
Montgomery, J.H.First Methodist Church
MoodySketch of Holyoke, p.15
Moody, Mr.Mount Holyoke College
Moody, Rev. EliCongregational (S.H.)
Moore & GloverSketch of Holyoke, p.12
Moore, "Pomp"Sketch of Holyoke, p.12
Moore, CurtisSketch of Holyoke, p.9
Moore, E.S.Highlands Methodist Episcopal
Moore, Mrs. PhilanderHolyoke Home for Aged People
Moore, PhilanderSketch of Holyoke, p.12
Moore, R.D.Holyoke's Societies & Clubs
Moors, Rev. J.F.Liberal Christian Congregational Society
MoquinSketch of Holyoke, p.9
Moreau, C.R.Holyoke's Societies & Clubs
Moreau, C.R.Holyoke's Societies & Clubs
MorganSketch of Holyoke, p.1
Morgan, Hiram A.First Baptist Church
Morgan, Lieutenant JosephSketch of Holyoke, p.1
Morgan, LucasFirst Congregational Church
Morgan, RoswellSketch of Holyoke, p.1
Morgan, TitusFirst Congregational Church
Moriarty, John C.Holyoke's Societies & Clubs
Moriarty, M.M.S.Liberal Christian Congregational Society
Moriarty, Mrs. M.M.S.Liberal Christian Congregational Society
Moriarty, Mrs. M.M.S.TB Hospital
Morrill, J.E.Sketch of Holyoke, p.4
Morrill, J.E.Sketch of Holyoke, p.6
Morrill, J.E.Sketch of Holyoke, p.9
Morrill, Rev. H.H.St. Paul's Episcopal Church
Morris, William P.Holyoke's Societies & Clubs
Morrison, J.M.Holyoke's Fire Department
Morrison, WilliamFirst Presbyterian
Morrow, T.J.Sketch of Holyoke, p.6
Morrow, Thomas J.Thomas J. Morrow
Mosher, RufusLiberal Christian Congregational Society
Mosher, RufusSketch of Holyoke, p.9
MossSketch of Holyoke, p.1
Moxon, DavidHolyoke's Societies & Clubs
Moxon, John H.Holyoke's Societies & Clubs
Moylan, PeterHolyoke's Societies & Clubs
Mudd, Richard R.Beulah Baptist Church
Mudge, Rev. Thomas H.Methodist Episcopal Church
Muelde, Rev. Mr.German Lutheran Church
Mulholland, Mrs. JennieBeulah Baptist Church
Mullin, B.F.Holyoke's Fire Department
Mullin, B.F.Holyoke's Fire Department
Mullin, D.F.Holyoke's Societies & Clubs
Mungall, DavidMethodist Episcopal Church
Mungall, JamesMethodist Episcopal Church
MungerSketch of Holyoke, p.1
Munn, E.L.Sketch of Holyoke, p.14
Munn, George M.Liberal Christian Congregational Society
Munroe, Rev. Egbert N.First Congregational Church
Munsell & SearsSketch of Holyoke, p.9
Murlless, Dr.Sketch of Holyoke, p.12
Murphy, Rev. John R.St. Jerome's Church
Murray, FrankHolyoke's Societies & Clubs
Murray, James J.Holyoke's Societies & Clubs

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