Holyoke Daily Transcript
Surname Index


Dadmun, Rev. J.W.Methodist Episcopal Church
Daigle, H.Holyoke's Societies & Clubs
Dam, L.C.Photo, Sketch of Holyoke, p.9
Daniels, Miss M.L.Holyoke City Hospital
DankSketch of Holyoke, p.1
DanskeSketch of Holyoke, p.2
Dascomb, Mrs.Mount Holyoke College
DavenportSketch of Holyoke, p.11
Davies, Mr.Grace Church
Davis, AlamadoSketch of Holyoke, p.10
Davis, C.S.FirstMethodist Church
Davis, Dr. G.W.Sketch of Holyoke, p.12
Davis, Dr. G.W.Holyoke City Hospital
Davis, FredPhoto, Sketch of Holyoke, p.9
Davis, J.M.Holyoke's Fire Department
Davis, J.S.St. Paul's Episcopal Church
Davis, J.W.Sketch of Holyoke, p.12
Davis, Jones S.Sketch of Holyoke, p.3
Davis, Jones S.Photo, Sketch of Holyoke, Page 2
Davis, Jones S.Sketch of Holyoke, p.4
Davis, Jones S.Sketch of Holyoke, p.6
Davis, Jones S.Sketch of Holyoke, p.15
Davis, Jones S.Holyoke's Cemeteries
Davis, LeanderSketch of Holyoke, p.11
Dawley, A.H.Photo, Sketch of Holyoke, p.10
DaySketch of Holyoke, p.1
Day, AbramHolyoke's Fire Department
Day, AlexanderHolyoke City Hospital
Day, AlexanderHolyoke's Fire Department
Day, D.E.Sketch of Holyoke, p.2
Day, Horace R.Liberal Christian Congregational Society
Day, JedediahSketch of Holyoke, p.1
Day, NewtonFirst Baptist Church
Day, Rev. Theodore L.First Congregational Church
Dean, Rev. J.O.Methodist Episcopal Church
Dean, W.T.Highlands Methodist Episcopal
Dean, W.T.Holyoke Boys Club
Deaney, JohnSketch of Holyoke, p.10
Delage, Rev. J.B.Our Lady Of Perpetual Help
DelaneyThe Catholics
Delaney, James E.Sketch of Holyoke, p.17
Delaney, James E.Sketch of Holyoke, p.13
Delaney, JohnSketch of Holyoke, p.8
Delaney, JohnSketch of Holyoke, p.14
Delaney, JohnSt. Jerome's Church
Delaney, JohnPhoto, Sketch of Holyoke, Page 3
Delaney, JohnSketch of Holyoke, p.7
Delphos, FatherChurch of the Nativity
Delude, T.Holyoke's Societies & Clubs
Deroin, W.G.Holyoke's Societies & Clubs
Deroschers, Rev. J.H.Parish of the Precious Blood
Deroschers, Rev. M.A.Parish of the Precious Blood
Dervin, L.J.St. Patrick's Church
Dervin, Rev. L.J.St. Patrick's Church
Devine, Rev. DanielSt. Jerome's Church
Devine, Rev. Daniel T.Holyoke's Societies & Clubs
Dibble, F.H.Story of the Nautilus
Dibble, FrankHolyoke Public Library
DickensonSketch of Holyoke, p.1
Dickenson, L.P.Congregational (S.H.)
Dickenson, W. H.Holyoke's Fire Department
Dickey, Mrs. JamesHolyoke Home for Aged People
Dickieson & DempsterSketch of Holyoke, p.11
Dickinson, George R.Sketch of Holyoke, p.14
Dickinson, J.C.Second Baptist Church
Dickinson, Mr.Sketch of Holyoke, p.10
Dickson, Dr. R.E.First Congregational Church
Dickson, E.M.First Congregational Church
Dill, D.Holyoke's Fire Department
Dillon, ThomasSketch of Holyoke, p.9
Dockham, Rev. W.H.Highlands Methodist Episcopal
Dockham, Rev. W.H.Photo, Highlands Methodist Episcopal
Doerpholz, Charles W.Holyoke's Societies & Clubs
Doherty, Miss EthelHolyoke City Hospital
Dolan,E.B. (Rev.)First Baptist Church
Dolan,E.B. (Rev.)Photo, First Baptist Church
Doland, MatthewSketch of Holyoke, p.8
Donnelly, JohnSt. Jerome's Church
Donnelly, Rev. J.J.St. Jerome's Church
Donoghue, Dr. D.H.Sketch of Holyoke, p.12
Donoghue, Roger P.Holyoke's Societies & Clubs
Doolittle, Horace D. (Rev.)First Baptist Church
Doran, John C.Sketch of Holyoke, p.7
Dorgan, JerrySketch of Holyoke, p.12
Dowd, Mr.Sketch of Holyoke, p.14
Dowd, P.J.Holyoke's Societies & Clubs
Holyoke's Societies & Clubs
Dower, Rev. W.H.Parish of the Sacred Heart
Dower, Rev. WilliamHoly Rosary Parish
Downs, W.H.Methodist Episcopal Church
Doyle & FinnSketch of Holyoke, p.9
Doyle, JamesSt. Jerome's Church
Doyle, Mr. JohnThe Catholics
Doyle, Thomas W.Holyoke's Societies & Clubs
Drape, Jason T. rSt. Paul's Episcopal Church
Draper, Dr.Sketch of Holyoke, p.12
Draper, J.T., ProfHolyoke Public Library
Draper, Mrs. E.L.Holyoke Home for Aged People
Dresser, Horatio W.Story of the Nautilus
Duckford, Miss Mary A.St. Jerome's Church
Duclos, C.L.Sketch of Holyoke, p.12
Dudley, James LawrenceHolyoke Boys Club
Duffy, Rev. CharlesSt. Patrick's Church
Dufras, F.Holyoke's Societies & Clubs
Dufresne, A.B.Parish of the Precious Blood
Duhaime, HenrySketch of Holyoke, p.10
Dumelow, W.J. ( Mrs.)First Baptist Church
Dunbar, Mrs. Charles R.Holyoke Home for Aged People
Dunham, J.M.FirstMethodist Church
Dunn, Mrs. ElizabethHolyoke Home for Aged People
Dunn, PatrickSt. Jerome's Church
Dunphy, Rev. E.P.St. Patrick's Church
Dupee, Fred P.Holyoke's Societies & Clubs
Durant, HenriettaHolyoke's Societies & Clubs
Durant, Mr.Mount Holyoke College
Durocher, A.D.Sketch of Holyoke, p.14
Duston, Charles W.Holyoke's Societies & Clubs
Dutton, Rev. O.H.St. Paul's Episcopal Church
Dwight,EdmundSketch of Holyoke, p.2
Dwight, Mrs. William G.Holyoke Municipal Milk Station
Dwight, Mrs. William G.Holyoke Home for Aged People
Dwight, R.0.Sketch of Holyoke, p.12
Dwight, R.O., EsqSketch of Holyoke, p.7
Dwight, W.G.Sketch of Holyoke, p.12
Dwyer, Rev. A.A.St. Jerome's Church

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