Holyoke Daily Transcript
Surname Index


Cadieux, E. Holyoke's Societies & Clubs
Cain, AnselSketch of Holyoke, p.4
Cain, Arthur M.Holyoke's Societies & Clubs
Cain, N.L.Second Baptist Church
Callahan, C.T.Sketch of Holyoke, p.15
Callahan, John A.Poetry Dedicated to Holyoke
Callahan, John A.Sketch of Holyoke, p.15
Cameron, DonaldHolyoke's Societies & Clubs
Campeau, Rev. J.B.Immaculate Conception Parish
Candlin, Rev. JosephMethodist Episcopal Church
Carleton, JohnHolyoke's Fire Department
Carlon, John M.Sketch of Holyoke, p.9
Carmody, T.J.Sketch of Holyoke, p.16
Carmody, T.J.Sketch of Holyoke, p.4
Carmody, Thomas J.Holyoke's Societies & Clubs
Carnegie, AndrewFirst Presbyterian
Carney, Rev. James W.Liberal Christian Congregational Society
Carpenter, Mark (Rev.)First Baptist Church
Carpenter, C.O.Sketch of Holyoke, p.7
Carpenter, C.O., Dr.Photo,Sketch of Holyoke, Page 4
Carpenter, Chapin H. ( Rev.First Baptist Church
Carpenter, Dr. C.O.Holyoke City Hospital
Carpenter, Mark B.Holyoke's Societies & Clubs
Carr, J.S.Sketch of Holyoke, p.11
Carr, J.S.Sketch of Holyoke, p.13
Carroll, Dr. J.J. Holyoke Municipal Milk Station
Carroll, J.J., Dr.Holyoke's Societies & Clubs
Carruthers, Rev. WilliamFirst Presbyterian
Carter, W.C.Sketch of Holyoke, p.6
Carter, William H.Holyoke's Fire Department
Cartier, Professor Holyoke's Eminent Organist
Case, G.N.Holyoke's Fire Department
Casey, ConstableSketch of Holyoke, p.13
Cavanaugh, J.M.Holyoke's Fire Department
Celce, Dr. Jean Holyoke Municipal Milk Station
Chadwick, DaySt. Paul's Episcopal Church
Chalupka, Rev. Francis S.Parish of Mater Dolorosa
Chandler and HolmanHolyoke's Greatest Charity
Chanfran, F.S.Sketch of Holyoke, p.11
ChapinSketch of Holyoke, p.1
Chapin, A.B.Sketch of Holyoke, p.14
Chapin, A.N.Congregational (S.H.)
Chapin, Arthur N.Congregational (S.H.)
Chapin, AsahelSketch of Holyoke, p.2
Chapin, Asahel (Rev.)First Baptist Church
Chapin, Chalmers Holyoke Public Library
Chapin, E.W.Sketch of Holyoke, p.15
Sketch of Holyoke, p.7
Holyoke's Cemeteries
Holyoke City Hospital
Sketch of Holyoke, p.12
Chapin, Edward W.Second Congregational Church
Chapin, EllsworthHolyoke's Fire Department
Chapin, HenrySketch of Holyoke, p.1
Chapin, HerveySketch of Holyoke, p.3
Chapin, HerveyHolyoke's Fire Department
Chapin, JamesFirst Baptist Church
Chapin, JudgeSketch of Holyoke, p.12
Chapin, Judge E. W. Holyoke Public Library
Chapin, MadisonSketch of Holyoke, p.6
Chapin, Mary W.Mount Holyoke College
Chapin, Miss SarahSketch of Holyoke, p.7
Chapin, MosesSketch of Holyoke, p.3
Chapin, Rev. AsahelSecond Baptist Church
Chapin, Rev. MartinFirst Methodist Church
Chapin, StephenFirst Baptist Church
Chapin, WarrenSketch of Holyoke, p.2
Chappell, Rev. T.E.Liberal Christian Congregational Society
Chaput, E.Holyoke's Societies & Clubs
Chaput, H.E.Holyoke's Societies & Clubs
Charbonneau, O.Holyoke's Societies & Clubs
ChaseSketch of Holyoke, p.6
ChaseSketch of Holyoke, p.7
ChaseSketch of Holyoke, p.15
Chase & CooledgeThe Chase & Cooledge Co.
Chase BrothersSketch of Holyoke, p.12
Chase, C.P. Holyoke Public Library
Chase, Charles A.Second Baptist Church
Chase, Deacon EdwinSketch of Holyoke, p.7
Chase, Dr. N.B.Sketch of Holyoke, p.4
Chase, EwinHolyoke's Fire Department
Chase, George R.Sketch of Holyoke, p.7
Chase, H.A.Sketch of Holyoke, p.11
Chase, Henry A. Holyoke Public Library
Chase, Henry A.Photo, Holyoke Public Library
Chase, JohnSketch of Holyoke, p.2
Chase, John E.St. Paul's Episcopal Church
Chase, John E. Holyoke Public Library
Chase, John E.Sketch of Holyoke, p.5
Chase, John E.Sketch of Holyoke, p.8
Chase, Joseph E.Sketch of Holyoke, p.13
Chase, Miss Edwina TB Hospital
Chase, Miss Edwina Photo, TB Hospital
Chase, Mr. Joseph Holyoke Public Library
Chase, Mrs. William A.Holyoke Home for Aged People
Chase, S.S.Sketch of Holyoke, p.9
Sketch of Holyoke, p.6
Sketch of Holyoke, p.5
St. Paul's Episcopal Church
Chase, StuartHolyoke's Fire Department
Chase, W. A.Sketch of Holyoke, p.14
Chase, W.A.Sketch of Holyoke, p.13
Chase, William A.Sketch of Holyoke, p.11
Chase, William A.Sketch of Holyoke, p.17
Chase, William S.Liberal Christian Congregational Society
Chicoime, Rev. J.E.Parish of the Precious Blood
Childs, C.S.Sketch of Holyoke, p.10
Childs, Deacon A.H.Sketch of Holyoke, p.12
Childs, Mrs. T.S.Holyoke City Hospital
Childs, Thomas S.Sketch of Holyoke, p.13
Childs, Thomas S.Liberal Christian Congregational Society
Clairmont, D.Holyoke's Societies & Clubs
Clarenbach, George E.Holyoke's Societies & Clubs
Clark, "Ownie"Sketch of Holyoke, p.12
Clark, A.S.First Baptist Church
Clark, Alvan S.First Baptist Church
Clark, J.W.Congregational (S.H.)
Clark, John G.Second Congregational Church
Clark, Margaret E.Holyoke's Societies & Clubs
Clark, Miss RachaelPoetry Dedicated to Holyoke
Clark, Miss Rachael Holyoke
Clark, Mrs. J.E.Holyoke City Hospital
Clarke, Dr. L. H.Holyoke City Hospital
Clarke, John S., Jr.St. Paul's Episcopal Church
Clarke, Mr. MerrittSketch of Holyoke, p.2
Clarke, Mrs. L.H. Holyoke Municipal Milk Station
Claxton, KateSketch of Holyoke, p.11
Cleary, JohnSketch of Holyoke, p.11
Cleary, MichaelSketch of Holyoke, p.1
Cleary, MichaelSketch of Holyoke, p.5
Cleary, T.M.Sketch of Holyoke, p.12
Clements, WilliamHolyoke's Societies & Clubs
Cleveland, Fred P.Second Baptist Church
Cleveland, Miss A.C.Second Baptist Church
Cleveland, Miss C.P.Second Baptist Church
Clifford, John H.Sketch of Holyoke, p.5
Clough, J.A.Sketch of Holyoke, p.13
Clough, James A.Holyoke Home for Aged People
Clough, James A. Holyoke Public Library
Clough, JonathanFirst Congregational Church
Clough, TimothyFirst Congregational Church
Cloutier, Dr. F.J. Holyoke Municipal Milk Station
Cloutier, Mrs. F.J. Holyoke Municipal Milk Station
Coar, Mrs. A.H.Liberal Christian Congregational Society
Coar, Rev. Arthur H.Liberal Christian Congregational Society
Coar, Rev. Arthur H.Photo, Liberal Christian Congregational Society
Cobb, JamesFirst Presbyterian
Coghlan, D.F.Sketch of Holyoke, p.13
CoitSketch of Holyoke, p.1
Collingwood, JosephSecond Baptist Church
Collingwood, JosephHolyoke's Societies & Clubs
Collingwood, Mrs. JamesHolyoke Home for Aged People
Collins, Mr. John C.Holyoke Boys Club
Collins, W.Holyoke's Fire Department
Colson, Charles D.Holyoke's Societies & Clubs
Comins, J.S.Sketch of Holyoke, p.13
Comptois, Rev. J.O.Parish of the Precious Blood
Conant, HowardSt. Paul's Episcopal Church
Conlin, Rev. John F.Holy Rosary Parish
Connor, RogerSketch of Holyoke, p.12
Connor, Timothy Holyoke's Cemeteries
Conway, John, Rev.St. Patrick's Church
Conway, John, Rev.Photo, St. Patrick's Church
Conway, M. P.Sketch of Holyoke, p.16
Cook, N.C.First Methodist Church
Coolidge, Rev. Charles E.First Congregational Church
Cooper, M.Holyoke's Societies & Clubs
Corbett, R.B.Holyoke's Societies & Clubs
Corbitt, R.B.First Methodist Church
Cordes & ThiemeSketch of Holyoke, p.13
Cordes, Walter C.Congregational (S.H.)
Corser, C.A.Sketch of Holyoke, p.10
Corser, C.A.Sketch of Holyoke, p.11
Corser, C.A.Sketch of Holyoke, p.12
Corser, CharlesSketch of Holyoke, p.6
Coutts, DavidHolyoke's Societies & Clubs
CowanThe Cowan Truck Co.
Cowan, Mrs. JamesHolyoke City Hospital
Cowie, ElizabethHolyoke's Societies & Clubs
Cowles, Louise FrancisMount Holyoke College
Cox, Dr.Sketch of Holyoke, p.12
Cox, Dr. StanleyHolyoke's Societies & Clubs
Cox, GardnerSketch of Holyoke, p.11
Cox, Mrs. GardnerHolyoke Home for Aged People
Crafts, ChesterSketch of Holyoke, p.2
Crafts, ChesterSketch of Holyoke, p.4
Crafts, E.R.Sketch of Holyoke, p.2
Crafts, Mrs. Olive DaySketch of Holyoke, p.1
Crafts, R.P.Sketch of Holyoke, p.6
Sketch of Holyoke, p.2
Sketch of Holyoke, p.3
Sketch of Holyoke, p.4
Sketch of Holyoke, p.8
Sketch of Holyoke, p.10
Sketch of Holyoke, p.15
Holyoke's Fire Department
Sketch of Holyoke, p.11
Sketch of Holyoke, p.13
Crafts, 'Ros'Sketch of Holyoke, p.6
Crafts, Roswell P.Sketch of Holyoke, p.13
Craig, Miss MabelHolyoke City Hospital
Craig, Rev. J.M.First Presbyterian
Craighead, AlexanderHolyoke's Societies & Clubs
Cramer, EdwardHolyoke's Societies & Clubs
Cramer, EdwardFirst Methodist Church
Cramer, GeorgeHolyoke's Societies & Clubs
Craven, ErnestHolyoke's Societies & Clubs
Crevier, Rev. Charles Holyoke's Cemeteries
Crevier, Rev. CharlesParish of the Precious Blood
Crevier, Rev. CharlesPhoto, Parish of the Precious Blood
Cronin, Timothy J.Holyoke's Societies & Clubs
Cronmiller, Rev. Bruce W.Congregational (S.H.)
Crook, Mrs. Charles Holyoke District Nurse Association
Crooke, WallaceMethodist Episcopal Church
Crosby, HarryHolyoke's Societies & Clubs
Crosby, HarryHolyoke's Societies & Clubs
Crosby, Mrs. AnnaHolyoke's Societies & Clubs
Crosier, Capt. W.J.Sketch of Holyoke, p.16
Crowe, JohnHolyoke's Societies & Clubs
Crowe, JohnHolyoke's Societies & Clubs
Crowley, TomSketch of Holyoke, p.8
Cummings, PercyHolyoke's Societies & Clubs
Cummings, Rev. Thomas F.Holy Cross Parish
Cunningham, CharlesSketch of Holyoke, p.13
Cunningham, GeorgeHolyoke's Societies & Clubs
Cunningham, Rev. Thomas B.St. Jerome's Church
Curran, E.M.Marble Hall Hotel
Curran, James J.Sketch of Holyoke, p.17
Curran, James J.Sketch of Holyoke, p.16
Curran, PatrickSketch of Holyoke, p.13
Curran, Rev. JamesParish of the Sacred Heart
Curran, Rev. MichaelSt. Jerome's Church
Cuthbertson, ArchibaldHolyoke's Societies & Clubs
Cwiklinski, Rev. CasimirParish of Mater Dolorosa
Cwiklinski, Rev. CasimirPhoto, Parish of Mater Dolorosa
Cyr, Rev. N. St.Our Lady Of Perpetual Help

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