Holyoke Daily Transcript
Surname Index


Babcock, Mrs. Ida R. Holyoke's Societies & Clubs
Bachelder, W.F. Holyoke's Cemeteries
Bagg, E.P.Holyoke City Hospital
Bagg, Edward P.Second Congregational Church
Baker, Horace Holyoke's Fire Department
Baker, JohnHolyoke's Societies & Clubs
Baker, John R.Sketch of Holyoke, p.4
Sketch of Holyoke, p.6
Baldwin, H.L.First Baptist Church
BallSketch of Holyoke, p.1
Ball, Benjamin Sketch of Holyoke, p.1
Ball, C.E. Sketch of Holyoke, p.11
Ball, Charles E. Sketch of Holyoke, p.17
Ball, E.H. Sketch of Holyoke, p.10
Ball, FrancisSketch of Holyoke, p.1
Ball, J.R.Sketch of Holyoke, p.1
Sketch of Holyoke, p.4
Ball, LeroySketch of Holyoke, p.1
Ball, Mrs. C.E. Holyoke Home for Aged People
Ball, Mrs. Charles E. Holyoke Home for Aged People
Ballard, Willis D. Second Congregational Church
Holyoke's Societies & Clubs
Bamberg, Rev. L.J. Second Baptist Church
Bancroft, C.A. Methodist Episcopal Church
Bancroft, W.E. Methodist Episcopal Church
Bardwell, Deacon AlonzoSketch of Holyoke, p.7
Bardwell, Mrs. James D. Holyoke Municipal Milk Station
Barker, JaredSketch of Holyoke, p.1
Barnes, George Liberal Christian Congregational Society
Barnes, Irving Liberal Christian Congregational Society
Barnes, J.G. Sketch of Holyoke, p.11
Barnes, Mrs. EmmaLiberal Christian Congregational Society
Barnett, George, Jr. First Presbyterian
Barnett, George, Jr. Holyoke's Societies & Clubs
Barre, A.P. Holyoke's Societies & Clubs
Barre, S.H. Sketch of Holyoke, p.13
BarrettSketch of Holyoke, p.11
Barrett, BillSketch of Holyoke, p.10
Barrett, NelsonHolyoke's Societies & Clubs
Barrett, Nelson H. Holyoke's Societies & Clubs
Barrett, S.C. First Methodist Church
Barrett, S.F. First Methodist Church
Barrett, Scott F. First Methodist Church
Barry, GarretSketch of Holyoke, p.8
Bartholomew Sketch of Holyoke, p.15
Bartholomew, George M. Sketch of Holyoke, p.13
Bartlett, Dr. D.E. Liberal Christian Congregational Society
Bartlett, E.M. (Rev.) First Baptist Church
Bartlett, F.G. Holyoke's Cemeteries
Bartlett, Miss Anna Liberal Christian Congregational Society
Bartlett, Mrs. D.E. Liberal Christian Congregational Society
Holyoke Home for Aged People
Bartlett, Walter R. First Baptist Church
Basset Sketch of Holyoke, p.1
Bassett, GeorgePhoto, Sketch of Holyoke, p.9
Batchelor, Edwin H. First Baptist Church
Batterby, George Holyoke's Societies & Clubs
Beach, LymanHolyoke's Fire Department
Beals, F.A. Sketch of Holyoke, p.12
Beardsell, Frank Holyoke's Societies & Clubs
Beauchard, Ralph Holyoke's Societies & Clubs
Beauchemin, Joseph A. Holyoke's Societies & Clubs
Beaven, Bishop Immaculate Conception Parish
Holyoke's Greatest Charity
Beaven, Bishop T.D. St. Rose de Lima Church
Beaven, Bishop Thomas D. Church of the Nativity
Holy Rosary Parish
Beaven, Rt. Rev. BishopHolyoke's Cemeteries
Becker, L.J. Grace Church
Begley, John D. Holyoke's Societies & Clubs
Belden, E.M. Sketch of Holyoke, p.9
Liberal Christian Congregational Society
Bell, George P., M.D. First Presbyterian
Beman, Guy H. Second Congregational Church
Bemis, Emil H. Second Baptist Church
Bennett, Fred F. St. Paul's Episcopal Church
Bennett, Mrs. F.F. Holyoke District Nurse Association
Benoit Parish of the Precious Blood
Berger, Herman Sketch of Holyoke, p.8
Berry, IsaacPhoto, Sketch of Holyoke, p.9
Best, Rev. E.S. Methodist Episcopal Church
First Methodist Church
Bettes, StockwellSketch of Holyoke, p.7
Bidwell, Rev. I.G., D.D. First Methodist Church
Bigelow, B.F. Holyoke's Fire Department
Bigelow, Charles Liberal Christian Congregational Society
Bigelow, James Photo, Sketch of Holyoke, p.9
Bigelow, Rev. I.B. First Methodist Church
Bigelow, Rev. J.B. Methodist Episcopal Church
Bilz, EmilHolyoke's Societies & Clubs
Bingham, Rev. A.J. Second Baptist Church
Bishop, J.G.Sketch of Holyoke, p.13
Bissonette, Richard Sketch of Holyoke, p.11
Black, WIlliam Holyoke's Societies & Clubs
Blackmer, A.L. Methodist Episcopal Church
Blake & Johonnot Sketch of Holyoke, p.9
Blake, Rev. EbenezerMethodist Episcopal Church
Blanchard, ElizabethMount Holyoke College
Blanchard, GeorgeSketch of Holyoke, p.11
Blanchard, UldericHolyoke's Societies & Clubs
Blinkinsop, FatherThe Catholics
Bliss, J.L., M.DTB Hospital
Blodgett, Dr. Sketch of Holyoke, p.7
Sketch of Holyoke, p.12
Blodgett, Mrs. CharlesHolyoke Home for Aged People
Blood, Rev. L.W. Methodist Episcopal Church
Boland, Rev. John F. Holy Rosary Parish
Boland, Rev. P.H.Parish of the Sacred Heart
Bolduc, WilliamHolyoke's Societies & Clubs
Bonner, Edward Highlands Methodist Episcopal
Bonvouloir, P. Sketch of Holyoke, p.14
Bonvouloir, PierreHolyoke City Hospital
Pierre Bonvouloir, City Treasurer
Boothe, Rev. J.W.T. Second Baptist Church
Borlen, ConstableSketch of Holyoke, p.13
Boston, E.M. Holyoke's Fire Department
Bosworth & Blodgett St. Jerome's Church
Bosworth, G. EdgarHolyoke's Societies & Clubs
Bosworth, L. P. Sketch of Holyoke, p.6
Sketch of Holyoke, p.10
Holyoke's Fire Department
Bosworth, Mrs. G.L. Holyoke Home for Aged People
Boulet, JohnThe Catholics
Boulet, MonsignorParish of the Precious Blood
Boutin, RockHolyoke's Societies & Clubs
Bowdoin, DanielHolyoke's Fire Department
Holyoke's Fire Department
Bowers, Grosvenor B. Sketch of Holyoke, p.9
Bowker, George H. Sketch of Holyoke, p.13
Bowler, D.J. Holyoke's Societies & Clubs
Bowler, GarrettHolyoke's Societies & Clubs
Bown, HoraceSketch of Holyoke, p.15
Boyce & Warner Sketch of Holyoke, p.10
Boyd Sketch of Holyoke, p.1
Brady, FatherThe Catholics
Bradley, EdwinMerrick Lumber Co.
Brainard, B.C.Sketch of Holyoke, p.12
Brainard, Frank A. Congregational (S.H.)
Brainerd, George W. First Congregational Church
Brainerd, Winthrope First Congregational Church
Branscombe, C.H. Sketch of Holyoke, p.3
Brecque, Edward LaHolyoke's Societies & Clubs
BrennanSketch of Holyoke, p.12
Bridge, Rev. William D. First Methodist Church
Bridges, George H. Holyoke's Societies & Clubs
Brigham, Mary A. Mount Holyoke College
Brocker, ErnestHolyoke's Societies & Clubs
Broderick, Rev. JohnSt. Jerome's Church
Bronson, John B. Holyoke's Societies & Clubs
Brooks, Squire Sketch of Holyoke, p.15
Brooks, William H. Sketch of Holyoke, p.12
Brouillet, Hector R.Holyoke's Societies & Clubs
Brousseau, Rev. A.G. Parish of the Precious Blood
Brow, Lee H. First Methodist Church
BrownSketch of Holyoke, p.9
Sketch of Holyoke, p.15
Brown brothers Sketch of Holyoke, p.14
Brown, Ambross P. Holyoke's Societies & Clubs
Brown, Charles W. Methodist Episcopal Church
Brown, GeorgeSketch of Holyoke, p.6
Brown, George A. Sketch of Holyoke, p.4
Brown, HoraceSketch of Holyoke, p.13
Sketch of Holyoke, p.1
Brown, John Holyoke's Societies & Clubs
Brown, RodneySketch of Holyoke, p.13
Brown, William L. (Rev.) First Baptist Church
Bruchlos, Rev. AlbertGerman Reformed Church
Bruneault, Rev. C.E.Our Lady Of Perpetual Help
Brunn, Rev. AugustGerman Lutheran Church
Photo, German Lutheran Church
Buchanan, ChristianaHolyoke's Societies & Clubs
BucklandSketch of Holyoke, p.15
Buckland, E.A. Sketch of Holyoke, p.16
Buckland, J.P. Holyoke Public Library
Buckland, JudgeSketch of Holyoke, p.7
Buckland, Judge J.P. Sketch of Holyoke, p.8
BuckleySketch of Holyoke, p.14
Buckminster, P.S. Holyoke's Fire Department
Bueler, Rev. W. R. German Lutheran Church
Bullard, W.H. Second Baptist Church
Burch, G.W. First Methodist Church
Burke, JimmieSketch of Holyoke, p.5
Burke, Rev. Michael Holy Rosary Parish
Burlingame, Mrs. J.L. Holyoke City Hospital
Burlingham, Rev. Eratus Methodist Episcopal Church
Burnett, GeorgeFirst Presbyterian
Burnham, Rev. Edwin Second Baptist Church
Burt, H.L. Sketch of Holyoke, p.7
Butcher, Henry First Methodist Church
Butler, Rev. Frank E. Congregational (S.H.)
Butler, Rev. H.G. Methodist Episcopal Church
Butterick Sketch of Holyoke, p.6
Byrnes, John J. Holyoke's Societies & Clubs

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