625 Choice Recipes from the
Ladies of the Second Congregational Church of Holyoke


Fiestaware Plum 571 1-Quart Small Canister

Pine Apple Jam
Plain Cake
Plain Doughnuts
Plum Pudding
Plums, Canned
Poor Man's Cake
Pop-Corn Balls
Pop-Overs or Breakfast Cakes
Pop-Overs, Egg
Pork Cake
Porridge, Milk
Potato Rolls
Potato Rolls (II)
Potato Salad
Potato Soup
Potato Yeast
Potatoes, Saratoga
Potatoes, Escalloped
Potatoes, Lyonnaise
Poultry (A Suggestion)
Pound Cake
Preserved Flag-Root
Pudding Sauce
Pudding, Amherst
Pudding, Apple
Pudding, Arrowroot (II)
Pudding, Baked Huckleberry
Pudding, Batter
Pudding, Berry
Pudding, Birdsnest
Pudding, Bread
Pudding, Cabinet
Pudding, Cheap and Delicious
Pudding, Chocolate
Pudding, Christmas
Pudding, Christmas Plum
Pudding, Cocoanut
Pudding, Cold Corn Starch
Pudding, Cottage
Pudding, Dainty
Pudding, Diplomatic
Pudding, English
Pudding, English, Sauce
Pudding, Estelle
Pudding, Favorite
Pudding, Frozen
Pudding, Graham
Pudding, High
Pudding, Indian
Pudding, Newton
Pudding, Old Fashioned Indian
Pudding, Orange
Pudding, Peach
Pudding, Plum
Pudding, Rice, Without Egg
Pudding, Sauce
Pudding, Sauce, Suet
Pudding, Sawyer
Pudding, Seymour
Pudding, Simple Susan
Pudding, Snow
Pudding, Sponge Cake
Pudding, Steamed
Pudding, Suet
Pudding, Tapioca
Pudding, Thanksgiving
Pudding, Troy
Pudding, Yorkshire
Puddings, Egg Sauce
Puff Cake
Punch, Milk
Purring, Arrowroot
Queen Cake
Queen Elizabeth Cake
Quick Cake
Raised Cake
Raised Doughnuts
Raised Muffins
Raspberry Shrub
Rennet Custard
Rhubarb Pie
Ribbon Cake
Ribbon Jelly
Rice Cream
Rice Pudding Without Egg
Rice Water
Rice, Frosted
Rice, Steamed
Ripe Cucumber Salad
Ripe Tomato Pickle
Risen Doughnuts (Very Nice)
Roast Lamb or Veal
Rock Candy
Roll Jelly Cake
Rolled Jelly Cake
Rolls, French
Rolls, Graham
Rolls, Parker House
Rolls, Potato
Rolls, Potato (II)
Rolls, Wheat
Roman Cream
Rose Cake
Rough and Ready Cake
Rules for Making Beef Tea
Rusk Cake
Rye Bread
Rye Muffins
Rye Pan-Cakes
Salad Dressing
Salad Dressing (II)
Salad, Cabbage
Salad, Chicken
Salad, Egg
Salad, Ham
Salad, Lobster
Salad, Lobster (II)
Salad, Potato
Salad, Ripe Cucumber
Sallie Lunn
Sallie Lunn Gems
Salmon, Broiled
Salmon, Canned
Salt Mackerel, Nice Way to Cook
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